Herb & Natalie Say "I Do"! (Part One)

I’m excited to present Herb and Natalie on their wedding day. Herb is my brother-in-law. Since this was a family wedding there will be many photographs to share from this event.
It was a delightful day, beautiful ceremony and fun reception. Bet you can’t tell it was in the 90’s!
There was a soft breeze rolling through which kept everybody comfortable.
Here is the first set, hope you enjoy them.

More on the way…including some of my favorites!!!
(remember to click to enlarge each photo for best viewing)

Married at “The Grove”.
Natalie & My Nieces and Nephews as They Arrived~

The Happy Couple~

Love This One!
A Favorite of Mine…My Mother-In-Law Walking Away After Lighting One of the Candles.
I like her expression and the way everything else is out of focus around her.
Natalie’s Dad Hugging His New Son-In-Law Right Before the I Do’s~
The Ceremony Kiss (barely caught it)~
The Modern Day “Brady Bunch”. Aren’t they a Gorgeous Family?Congratulations!!!

~ by oneshotbeyond on June 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Herb & Natalie Say "I Do"! (Part One)”

  1. Nice Wedding shots Heather.

  2. “YOU DID” Great work, exposure’s and color are great!

  3. The pictures are beautiful! What a great photographer!! Thanks for sharing. Oli

  4. Thanks all!

    Oli-I’m glad to see you commenting, I have a lot of “shy” visitors, but I’m glad you’re not one. Thank you for the photographer compliment! It was a beautiful day.

  5. this is a great set of wedding pics, I like all of them. I think the black n wht is one of the top choices. Is the groom looking at the bride while huggin her father? So nice

  6. Heather, You did so great w/ these. i’m so proud of you!

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