Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 5)

I didn’t forget…here are the FREE textures for this week. Actually I’m featuring both a new one and an old one this time.

Here’s how it works:

Go ahead and download my textures and use them as you please. View my example of how I used my texture and how my friend Jen used hers. Feel free to create your own photograph or photographs using my FREE textures. Then if you want to take on the texture challenge, as Jen did today, you can email me your image & name and I’ll post it the following Tuesday for everybody to see. Email me at hmccullah@gmail.com. Be sure to include your own watermark on your textured photo (if you want) and size it to what you’d like readers to see.

This way we can all get ideas on how many different ways we can use textures. Use it for backgrounds, overlays, borders-you name it! It’s totally FREE! Also, feel free to showcase your own textures through me if you’d like. All I ask is that you share what you create with the textures either by linking back to
me when you use them or featuring them here by emailing me direct!

Why share your photo on my page? Because it’s another place to showcase your work and it will be fun!!! Share my post with your photographer buddies-the more participants the more FREE textures go up.

I am so HAPPY Jen Rinaldi of Jen Rinaldi Photography decided to take me up on my challenge to texture up her own photo this week! She happened to pick one of my all time favorites of very own collection of self portraits.

(Click on each texture to download it from my Flickr page)

Jen Rinaldi’s Sample Using My Free Texture from a Past Week & The FREE Texture She Used Right Below


My Sample Using a New FREE Texture I Photographed & The FREE Texture

This photograph was taken last weekend in Las Vegas of my um Seriously Gorgeous sis-in-law Deanna.

6-7-08_351Find more of my FREE textures here.


~ by oneshotbeyond on June 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 5)”

  1. Heather,

    The Jen texture shot is really really nice. Perfect choice of photo and processed just right. I bet Jen will love this since she’s such a huge texture fan.

  2. Heather, Thanks for featuring my texture challenge submission! I’m glad you liked how it came out and the photo I chose.
    I love the new texture (which you already know…since I’ve already send you 2 photos that I used it with *LOL*)!

  3. […] nights ago Heather at One Shot Beyond Photography was having her texture challenge so I submitted this photo with her texture to be featured on her site. Hopefully others will […]

  4. Heather, I finally did it! Following the directions from the link from your blog, I successfully applied texture to an image. Thanks for your examples and encouragement.


  5. WOW SUE! That’s awesome! If you ever want me to share it on here…let me know.

  6. […] unique samples from Jen Rinaldi of Jen Rinaldi Photography. She used the leathery texture I shared last week on both of these samples. Check out how cool they turned […]

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