What Kind Of Star Do You Wish Upon?

I’m sure there are many that wish upon Mrs. Jasmine Star of Jasmine Star Photography. My sister and I were fortunate enough to meet her last night at a local Pictage User Group Meeting. Not only did I meet her and say hello…I got to listen to her speak on the subject of “Building a Brand from Scratch”. Here we are hanging out on the other end of the camera for once (thanks to the photographer who snapped this of us & Jasmine I’ll send you the photo by email soon)-

Now…if you haven’t heard of Jasmine Star you must be under a rock or you’ve been hibernating for the past two years because she’s one of the newest & hottest additions to So Cal’s finest wedding photographers. I want to tell you more, but she can do it so much better in her own words. The thing is…she is learning her craft (photography) and doing quite well at it, but her writing is what mostly draws you in. Not what she writes about as much as how she writes. At least that’s what first caught my attention when I used to read Jasmine’s old blog before she herself knew the success she has now has was on it’s way. I see book signings in her future very soon because of the ease and flow of her unique writing style.

I will give you five words that pop into mind for me now that I’ve met her. They are:

Charming, Spunky, Friendly, Witty, Resourceful

oh…and she oozes Genuine Goodness & Fun…yep-sorry that’s 8 words, you’ll just have to get over it. 🙂

The quote of the night by Jasmine according to me “Bush Needs to Get Himself a Blog“! That’s right girl!

So…take a moment if you would like and go experience Jasmine Star and her new website & blog for yourself. I doubt there will be any disappointment.

It was like a breath of fresh air to go see Jasmine speak last night. It’s not often, for me, that I will take off on a week night and do something just for me. In it’s own little way it was a perfect getaway for me. I love long drives with my choice of music coming through the speakers and warm wind rushing across my dash. No phone calls to make, no rushing to be anywhere by a certain time and no deep thoughts. Just a simple bundle of moments all tied up into the sweetness called LIFE. I honestly must find a way to squeeze more nights like this into my regular routine!

~ by oneshotbeyond on June 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “What Kind Of Star Do You Wish Upon?”

  1. Aww Heather – I’m glad you went and did this for yourself! Yes, you must do more of these things for JUST YOU!

    I’m also glad you got to meet Jasmine. I admire her work and read her blog daily as well.

  2. Rock on, girl! It was awesome meeting you too! 🙂

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