A Formula 1 Driver?


Something WAY more special than that.

Love, love, absolutely love this artist’s work. I found him a few months back and have been consistently amazed by each new image presented. Crash Taylor Photography servicing the UK is probably one of the HOTTEST wedding photographers I’ve ever came across-not him…his work people, get your heads out of the gutter. The name alone “Crash Taylor” gives you the inkling that the photography will be pushing some limits and it does. This montage of Crash’s work demonstrates just how easy “classic traditional” can meet “modern style”. Recognize the tune you can’t help jam to while you’re watching the slideshow??? I sure did-yep that’s EMINEM-“lose yourself” from his album-8 Mile…ha. Who would put his song attached to a set of phenomenal loving wedding images? Crash Taylor Photography-That’s who did! Um yeah, now you can see why I’m loving it.

The truth is though…my favorite image-the image I MUST own one day (I’m trying hard here-to get in a good place with Crash so I can have it…ha-is THIS ONE. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Never knew I wanted to go to Finland-till I saw this. I need it. I mean anybody who knows me knows ambery yellow and deep rusty reds are my favorite-shoot my entire dining room (the heart of my home) are these colors. And to be honest I’ve never found a peice of art by another artist that immediately struck me like this-especially not through the computer. Can you imagine how it would look in print? Hanging above my fireplace in the dining room? I can! 🙂

Go take a good, long look at the non Formula 1 drivers’ work…he’s pushing the limits in Wedding Photography and doing it well. He’s also getting a permanent spot over in my “Classy Acts” Section of this blog and there’s nobody talking me out of that-so there.


~ by oneshotbeyond on June 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Formula 1 Driver?”

  1. I checked out his blog and site. A lotta good work there!

  2. Jen…glad you liked it.


  3. Love your work and crash is a great wedding photographer. We meet up regularly at weddings (not just for the fun of it) as I am a wedding Videographer. We have done several weddings together this year and I recommend him to all my clients looking for a top quality wedding photographer.

  4. You should also check out this guy @ http://www.ilifephotography.co.uk or his blog which is wicked http://www.ilifephotoblog.com, his work is up there with crash taylors he hasnt got a super cool name like crash his name is Karl but he is super cool, he shot my friends wedding and i swear he was like a Ninga

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