Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 6)

It’s Tuesday and that means texture time! See more about how the challenge works here. This week I’m very happy to share not only a new texture, but a couple samples some fellow photographers tried on their own photos.

First we have two unique samples from Jen Rinaldi of Jen Rinaldi Photography. She used the leathery texture I shared last week on both of these samples. Check out how cool they turned out!!

Thank you Jen for these great examples of how to use the FREE texture!

Now…for our newest challenge taker…Sue. She tried two different FREE stock textures from this website. I’m sure she’ll be trying out my FREE textures soon! Right Sue? πŸ™‚ Well…the reason I’m so excited to share these with you is because Sue didn’t know how to apply textures to photographs until reading my blog. She learned how to do them by going to this link I provided in a previous Texture Tuesday post. Now I want to stress to you that Sue is a beginner when it comes to textures. She did a fantastic job on her first two attempts.

This first shot was a snap shot of Sue’s grandson. No adjustments were made to the image prior to Sue adding the texture. After adding the texture she “erased” a little bit of the texture from her grandson’s head and hand. I love the speckles and cracks in the photo.

Great for her first try huh? Isn’t Sue’s grandson adorable?
So…her 2nd attempt and I must tell you this one ASTONISHED me! Sue is taking creativity to a whole new level. She added a texture to one of her own simple still photography photos and onto an APPLE of all things. And it worked out so perfectly! Here it is:
So…for any of you beginners out there who have wondered about textures and how to use them…stop wondering and start texturing. The sky is the limit. Use your imagination to let the fun begin!
Now…for my new FREE texture and sample for this week. Same texture applied to both photographs here. These photos are self portraits I took with my new Nikkon 50mm 1.4 Lens (Thx Cindy…you shouldn’t have, but I sooooooooo love it). My future gear list is getting shorter and shorter (okay maybe not that short yet, but it will be! So much fun!!!
This first sample photo was not edited, I just applied the texture and hit save.
And this second sample…is kind of dark and spooky I know, but I couldn’t help myself. This one was played with quite a bit in Paint Shop Pro.

Finally the FREE texture I used can be downloaded at full resolution on my flickr page by clicking on the image itself.

Let’s get creative and have some fun guys! Take the challenge and try one of my FREE textures on your own photos-then send em on over and we can all be inspired! Also, if you have a texture of your own that you photographed yourself and you would like to donate/lend it to the rest of us please email me and I’ll be happy to feature it.

blog 6-23-08 1

See all of my FREE textures here.



~ by oneshotbeyond on June 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 6)”

  1. I’m flattered that you have included my images on your blog AND very, very thankful for YOUR willingness to share your knowledge and free textures. I’m headed “back to the studio” to try more creations! (I use the term “studio” very loosely… :))

  2. Great eye Sue – the apple is perfect for this texture

    Heather – great eyes – love the dark treatment – kinda grudgy

  3. Let me know if you truly like wordpress better. I see what you mean about the larger photo format. That much of it is definitely better. And I suppose you can still write anyone you’d like!

  4. Heather – thanks for featuring my textures on your post this week. I’ll have to try this week’s texture. Don’t let me forget!

    Sue’s apple rocks my socks!

  5. Sue…of course I included them, they were such great creations, how could I not?!

    Mike…thank you-I feel grundgy when I look at the dark shots too, lol. I love how I can do that to a photograph wihtout physically ever having to feel dirty. πŸ™‚

    Marie…Yes, I can write to anybody! I am still finding some kinks in WP, but I find the larger photos make up for it. I’m not digging some alignment issues and the limits on storage of photos, but that’s what “html codes” and “flickr” are there for. I’ll work it all out. I say if you’re interested make a “ghost” blog and don’t have it be public until you’re completely happy with it-then make the “live” switch.

    Jen…of course I’ll remind you. I love that apple too!

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