Coming Soon: 4 friends bonded 4 life


~ by oneshotbeyond on July 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Coming Soon: 4 friends bonded 4 life”

  1. love it heather…can’t wait to see more from the series!

    the writing on it is so sweet!

  2. haha, it turned out cute (=

  3. wow this turned outt soooo adorable!!

  4. omg i love it soo much

    its adorable!!!


  5. I love this. Layers?

  6. What you did with the text is cool – looking forward to the series –

  7. Yes-Sue, I ran a second layer for the words…30-40 opacity and since the option of “moving down or moving behind” wasn’t available…I carefully hand erased the letters off the girls. Painstaking, but worth it!

    Thx Jen…once I saw this photo and the black empty sky I knew there was only one direction to take it. And…more are coming!

    Britt, Bri & Savi…you all were super fun to shoot! Pretty painless right? I’ll never forget “L.W.” falling asleep on us at the end with her “yawning” in between my clicks! Ha…I know it’s “L.B.” but “L.W.” was WAY more fun!

    and…where’s my Britt’s comment? Sleepy girl-did you like it? 🙂

  8. this turned out so great
    i love the writng
    thank u so much
    u did a great job!!

  9. wat a cute piture. this looks neat. Where di you go for this shoot?

  10. […] taken, although it’s killing me to do it! So…these are from last week during a “friendship” session with my two nieces, my daughter and their sweet friend Brittany. Brittany is the […]

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