This Morning…It’s Still Fresh

Waking at 4am to the sound of shattering glass is not the dream wake up scenario I expected this morning. I don’t think going to bed at almost 2am helped matters much, but a girl does what a girl has to do.

I think there was about a 15 minute delay between me processing the noise I heard and waking up completely from the soundest sleep I may have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Once processed…I realized there could be an intruder. I hopped out of bed quicker than I could think…grabbed a couple necessary items and dashed right passed the lazy doby lying next to me (that would be Zelda, not my husband-lol) and sweeped the entire house. Of course, I never once thought to myself…”hmm, my two over protective guard dogs aren’t at all concerned with this noise I heard or me running around at 4am like a mad woman”. My kids both looked at me like I was as nutty as a fruitcake when I entered their quiet & sleepy rooms to see if they were “okay”. I had to chalk it up to one of the most VIVID dreams I think I’ve ever had! I would say it was a nightmare, but I think it sure serves as a healthy reminder that just like we sometimes wish our dreams would come true, nightmares do too. So…moral of my 4am story…get yourself some doby’s, don’t get to dreaming so good that you confuse it with reality, go to bed on time and if you’re creeped out by this…don’t read blogs when you should be WORKING!

Go buy some shatter proof glass now! I AM!!!

Will I ever sleep again??? It’s going to be a long and dreary day with only 2 hours of zzzzzzzz’s under my belt.



~ by oneshotbeyond on July 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “This Morning…It’s Still Fresh”

  1. wow heather…what a creepy experience. i only slept 4 hours so I’m with you on sleep deprivation…but I would have gone back to sleep if I were you! LOL!

  2. I’ve learned to ignore “Bumps in the night”. either that or I’m just to darned tired to bother. I figure if the dog doesn’t notice, nothings there. Scary though. BTW I like the photo.

  3. Great photo to illustrate a wild and weird story. Around here think “earthquake” when things go “bump in the night” and wake us out of a sound sleep.

    Pssst….reading blogs can be addictive!

  4. Quite a tale! Isn’t it amazing how real dreams can seem when you awaken?

  5. What a gorgeous photo! 🙂

  6. That is one of my biggest fears. having someone break into my house. My god woman, you are braver than Id ever be. I would have hid under the covers, or the bed until day light.


  7. hope you got a lil catch up sleep!

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