Caption This Photo

Go ahead and caption it for me…I couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried!

7-21-08 500 A


~ by oneshotbeyond on July 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “Caption This Photo”

  1. Oh, you didn’t want the last bite of your sandwich, did you?

  2. MMMMM taste like Chicken Fingers.

  3. LOL…tastes like chicken fingers!

    Im terrible at captions.

  4. haha, that’s a good one! (:

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. 1. Gimme the gold!
    2. I’ve got this horrible growth on my beak!
    3. Better not be alka seltzer!
    4. Please Release me, let me go…..
    5. Hurry up Heather – get the shot already…
    shall I go on?

  7. Oscar~it’s got to be #5!

  8. LOL Occar! I love em…how’d I know u come up with a bunch?

  9. 6. Did he jus p&%p on my shoe!!
    7. Are you sure this is how Cameron Diaz started out?
    8. Hey, those are my $60.00 french tips!!
    9. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the blog.
    10. Hey! Follwo me to Oscars Tavern! (cheap plug)

  10. Hurry Heather, he may take my finger!!

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