Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 10)

Good and bad news:

This will be the last of the FREE textures for a while. I’ve decided to change it up some and do “Tastey Tuesday’s” for a food series. I love to cook and don’t want to take on another blog so I’m mixing my love of food with my photography. At the same time hopefully I’m inspiring some of you who don’t cook very often to challenge yourself to do more of it!

Last FREE texture sample:

This photo is of my sister at the beach. It was actually a quick test shot for an engagement shoot we were just about to start. I loved how it turned out. I added this light & simple texture that I had in my collection.

Isn’t it neat???

Here’s the FREE texture for you to download and make your own fun photos with!

Light Streaks

To see all my previous FREE textures and download them go here.


~ by oneshotbeyond on July 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Texture Challenge (Part 10)”

  1. This photo is really neat. Great tone and texture. Love those sunglasses!

    I’ll look forward to your food related posts – I think I need some inspiration to spend some more time in the kitchen…

  2. You KNOW that I will miss “Texture Tuesday” as I have grown to love using textures. Your images with texture have provided much needed “inspiration.”

    I really, really love this particular texture and see a great deal of potential for it.

  3. Guess I should start posing even for the test shots, huh? You never know what might end up as a sweet shot. Thanks for inviting me to tag along…always a good time! (even if I get reflector happy) lol

  4. Heather, I remember when you were debating over the tones to go with and this was best choice! Love the sunglasses Steph!

    Texture Tuesdays will be missed but Tasty Tuesdays will be fun too (even if I don’t cook!) I hope you’ll include the recipe!

  5. I am a FAN of this photo. Excellent

  6. […] beach with some rocks. DONE. Laguna Beach…Corona Del Mar…yep those worked! Thanks to Stef for your help & for keeping Lindsay’s gorgeous dress (a family heirloom) somewhat […]

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