Tasty Tuesday: Dear Morning

I remember the days before my love of the following drink swam their way towards me, but believe me they are very faint memories. Warm, sweet and creamy coffee drinks are forever with me now.

I don’t always get to top it off so sweetly…but when the mood strikes I can make something like this happen in less than 30 seconds. Scouts honor.

As nice as it is to be able to make my own fresh cup of jo now and then, it’s always a pleasure to purchase one and have all the hard work done for you. Don’t you agree? I mean getting the perfect temperture is an art of its own. So to my surprise today when I got inside my house and sat down for a minute my husband brought me my mail for the day and a very special envelope was on top. He said he’d been wondering what was in it all day. I looked close at it and it was from my NJ pal Jen Rinaldi.

Hmm…what could it be?

I picked it up and it was heavier than a normal letter or card. Took 3 stamps to get it to me. I’m absolutely the worst at guessing what’s in a package. I felt around and had no clue what the hard rectangle shaped thing inside was so I opened it. It was a lovely card with a stylish woman walking her dog (see below) and a ton of coffee shop gift cards inside! The funnest part is she didn’t tell me how much is on each one! Ha! It could months worth of not having to make my own coffee or a bunch of leftover empty cards! Jen-would you do that to me? Are you a prankster and I’m just finding out now? I will find out tomorrow I guess.

Dear Morning,

Let me wake early enough to visit the corner coffee shop for a little flavor pampering…will ya?


Your #1 Customer

(at least until all the cards run out)

Isn’t Jen the sweetest?! If you have the time visit Jen’s Blog today and wish her a Happy Anniversary…because it’s her 1 YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY TODAY!


~ by oneshotbeyond on August 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Dear Morning”

  1. Nice Shots – Nice Friends what else is needed — except caffiene

  2. I buy a coffee every morning. Never have to wait in line, they make me come to the side. Repeat businesshelps.

    Gotta love Jen.

  3. I buy a coffee every morning. Never have to wait in line, they make me come to the side. Repeat business helps.

    Gotta love Jen.

  4. First off – Tastey Tuesday is going to be yummy…I can already tell! I don’t like coffee but whatever is on top looks YUMMY!

    You’re too cute taking a photo of the card. Funny part is I would have done the same thing! LOL!

    Ahahahah. I wish I could have told you what’s on the rest besides the top one in the pile! That one I know has $5 on it! LOL The rest are a mystery to you and I both… they belonged to someone else who is not getting them back and I thought they should go to a person who would enjoy them IF they actually have any money left on them! πŸ˜€

    They would have each had $5 on them but those darn gift card companies take money away each month after a certain amount of time and I’m not sure how long ago they were received.

    If anything you get a nice big cup of coffee from the one on top (on me!)

  5. mmmmmmmmmm coffee

  6. You’re killing me! My daughter and I are so addicted that my husband recently *grounded* us from Starbucks – figured he needed to protect the kids’ college funds, I guess. πŸ˜‰ We have to restrict ourselves to once a week treats. Maybe today?

    Great shots of your coffee – love the little drip of syrup on the rim.

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