War Stories

A band unlike any other…yet comfortably familiar. From the moment you hear their first melody you will feel right at home. At least that’s how sublime the experience was for me. I know I will never tire of their vivid accounts of love, life & passion. Evan’s tumultuous voice becomes a compulsion you freely surrender to every time you hear it. It has a deep richness to it that is just indescribable. These photos were taken at the Viper Room in Hollywood a couple weeks back.

Listen to their music and see more about them here including all the details of their upcoming CD RELEASE SHOW at the Casbah in San Diego on August 18. Come on out and support them. I’ll be there! 🙂

Viper Room~

Eric, Evan & Reid~

Adam (Drums)~

Eric (Bass)~

Evan (Vocals)~

Reid making the music come alive with his “magic” fingers (oh yeah & with a whole lot of talent too)~

Evan again…he’s the man behind the addicting vocals~

Love this shot~

What happens after the show? Hydration..what were you thinking???!

Dearest War Stories,

May your journey together deliver each of you the victory of sweet & steady good fortune!

See the rest of this night’s performance here.

To the Casbah!



~ by oneshotbeyond on August 6, 2008.

11 Responses to “War Stories”

  1. You are turning in to quite the band photographer! WOW…some really nice pics here. Great lighting effects. Great angles on the musicians. You really convey the mood…..

  2. Your post production is perfect here!!

  3. Looks like an awesome event! Went through the gallery photos. Nice shots! I have no skills for taking dark shots, then again I’m nowhere near your talent with photography! Neat action shots – coming from an ol’ rock and roller myself. 🙂

  4. Hey Heather,

    You have been a busy bee. Your band shots rock! You should market them to the band. The modeling shots you took on and beside the road are really nice. If I would try that here I’d have a roadkill model. Of course you keep on taunting with your great food photography. I did’nt forget about you – I’ll bring it on – just wait.

  5. Heather,

    You rocked it with your photography of War Stories! The 5th of Evan is awesome and that one of Reid is my favorite! Awesome!!!

    I love their music – thanks for sharing this great band with me. They are “Yummy!” LOL 😀

  6. What an awesome place to photograph, even here in Australia I know about the Viper Room. The photos are fantastic!

  7. Thanks! It was some of the most fun I’ve had! 🙂

    Mike~That’s an awesome compliment coming from you!

    Wolf~Glad to see you’re back around.

    Jen~Your “Yummy”comment made me laugh!

    Cathy~Welcome to my photography journal. It was a great place to shoot at. What’s it like in Australia? That’s a place I’d love to visit.

  8. Nice low light photos!

  9. One word. OUTSTANDING

  10. Okay, band photography is another thing I know nothing about but I think you’ve done an awesome job capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the performance. And, you did just what a rock photog should do ’cause I’m listening to them on myspace right now. Fantastic!!! I look forward to seeing more from the CD release…

  11. […] I’ve written about my favorite band and see photos I’ve taken of them here. Visit War […]

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