Farryn, OSBP Rep-Class of ‘09

Let’s see. Um…Pretty, Smart, Outgoing, Fun, Sassy & Energetic. Yep…that about sums up this beauty.

Meet Farryn, another totally sweet OSBP Senior Rep for 2008/2009. She is so confident and comfortable being who she is and she’s full of life! Farryn was ~all smiles~ as we walked around downtown Riverside getting these shots. It was hard to stop her from laughing long enough to get some of these shots, but I managed! Farryn is so cool…she was clowning half the time and didn’t mind me getting some shots of her doing it.

And…do you remember the lovely Lyndsay & Brady from my previous post a few weeks ago? Well…it just so happens that Farryn takes her rep position with OSBP very seriously and she is actually the person who referred Lyndsay & Brady to me when they needed a session! What a thoughtful & smart cookie! 🙂

Here she is…a beaming smile & sparkly eyes~

Melting hearts, I’m sure~

Stylish & beautiful…I so want that belt~

Sweet smile even in the blowing wind~

The many sides of Farryn’s wonderful personality~

If you want your senior photos to be all about you and totally fun just like Farryn’s are…contact me @ hmccullah@gmail.com to find out all the details! Do you recognize Farryn from your school? If so, ask her to give you the full scoop on what’s it’s like to be photographed by OSBP.

More senior photos from this session and other senior sessions will be shown periodically throughout the school year…so check back often! To see even more seniors I’ve photographed go here.

Be Photographed…or Be Forgotten!



~ by oneshotbeyond on August 17, 2008.

8 Responses to “Farryn, OSBP Rep-Class of ‘09”

  1. Heather! Wow , these are really great! The whole class will be lining up!

  2. Heather,

    That black & white is all of it. Completely stunning shot. Now mop my melted heart off the floor please.

  3. Heather that collage is so adorable and fun! love the texture in the 4th one. Great setting for photos you found! She has great eyes!! Nice work!

  4. Fab images, Heather. I think you’ll be having a busy fall…

  5. Another KO here Heather!!

  6. yep. I am convinced. you know (and get to photograph) all of the beautiful people in the world!

  7. Nice shots Heather. Love the background on photo 3. Keep up the great work. Crash

  8. […] Farryn? I posted this shot of her and these shots last fall. Here’s a few more that you haven’t seen until […]

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