YAY Chelsea!

You all may remember my sessions with the stunning teen Chelsea from this post and this post. Well…I’m happy to congratulate Chelsea on her first published book! Yes, Chelsea is only 15 years old and just recently had a heartfelt story she wrote published. She is quite the determined young lady. Look for her book called “Summer’s Funner” in stores soon. Here’s a look at the bright & cheery cover-

And…guess who took the lovely author’s photograph that graces the back cover? Yeppers…it was me! Chelsea and her mom picked a photo taken at one of our sessions earlier this year at Newport Beach. Here’s the back cover with that photograph I took of Chelsea-


I couldn’t be more excited for you! Don’t ever let anything get in your way of making your dream of writing more books happen. You are amazing and this story is going a new favorite for lots of children! I can pictures moms & dads everywhere tucking their little gems into bed and reading this as their bed time story. What sweet summer dreams all the children will have.

Here are two photos from our session at the beach including the one shown on the back of her new book!


~ by oneshotbeyond on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “YAY Chelsea!”

  1. Heather – that is such great news that your photo is going to be on a published book!

    Congrats to Chelsea!!

  2. How great! Congrats to BOTH Chelsea and YOU! Bravo!

  3. I can’t believe she is only 15 and wrote a childrens book and I can’t believe how incredibly good she looks in those photos. You really did a fantastic job capturing her beautiful eyes just right. Congrats on the publishing.

  4. Congrat’s to both of you!!

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