Annual Fishing Trip

I know it took me quite some time to get these up. Sorry. I forgot. That simple. Busy girls forget things. Oops. Not much beats a chartered boat for just friends and family…the “Toronado” has been one of the two favored charters of the family the past few years. Here is everybody boarding. Look at the mushy sky.

This day is all about the kids. Yes, the parents go nutty for a day out on the boat…but the kids, they are the ones we wait to catch smiling throughout the day. This is my nephew. I love this shot. May not be “technically” in the realm of greatness, but it’s a favorite of my most recent captures.

And the grandparents responsible for the “Annual Fishing Trip” our family goes on every year. They are the best grandparents a kid could ever dream of! Eleven grandkids and a lot more “adoptive” ones have been blessed by their loving generosity. When they are at Grandma & Papa’s ANYTHING GOES…and you’d think they’d take advantage and be like a tornado running through, but they aren’t. They are the sweetest and politest set of kids I’ve ever known. Coming from years of working at schools…that is something. I had to share this photo of Papa & Grandma with all their grand babies…not so baby like anymore. I love it because my son is the one with his eyes closed. Now…I’m not sure if that was an “Earl” Stunt from “My Name is Earl” or if it was by accident. The reason it makes me grin is because when my son was little he was always crying or screaming in our group shots! So here is…grabbing the attention as usual. And my daughter is the one right next to Papa…yeah, the one who’s just about as tall as Papa. That would be her. πŸ™‚

A lot of boys on this trip!

My son and I. Um…with his eyes open! Shocker.

On the long ride out to Catalina Island we saw whales & dolphins. This was the first year we saw anything other than a seal. Awesome! SEE?!

Okay…somebody will probably get quite mad over this one, but this is a documentary style post so I must share one of the very sick kids. And…it was a first for them and I must admit (only b/c Jen Rinaldi knows the truth & will kick my behind all the way from NJ if I don’t tell the whole truth) a first for me too! I got as sick as they did. That’s what I get for eating a darn snickers bar right when I got on the boat! Ewwwwwwww. There were so many people sick on the ride out there…it was a record. We all got over it though…and thank goodness we did!

It turned out to be the most beautiful day on the ocean.

Reeling em in! In all sizes & colors too!

He may be little, but he does get his own bait! Yeppers, it’s true.

Poor Mr. Bait…

Cousin Brenda came out all the way from Louisiana! Not sure if it was for the fishing, family or California…but it was great having her here. Here we are together.

The jackpot winner! WOOHOO!!! A RICH MAN!

Words can never do nature justice. The ride back was glorious!!!

I’d say not much beats a day with friends & family on the ocean! It’s hard to narrow down the photos on my personal posts. Thanks for bearing through it.


~ by oneshotbeyond on August 27, 2008.

6 Responses to “Annual Fishing Trip”

  1. How great – a family fishing trip. Love it. I really enjoyed this post;the pics, the narration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I cannot come up with much that beats a day pounding the waves in a boat hunting Nemo! I so miss living in FL right now!! Was that a Bonita for the winning fish? kinda looks like one, but I am not an expert at ID’s.

  3. Bearing through it? I totally enjoyed every photo and as Sue said the narration we great!

    I giggled when you said I would kick your butt all the way from New Jersey. I’m kind short so I might need those “Go Go Gadget” Legs to reach ya!

    You did so well capturing the day. I love seeing the personal side of the photog’s life. Gives us insight into who you are. πŸ™‚

  4. My 11-year-old was looking over my shoulder as I read your blog today. I think your family may find it has a stowaway aboard on your trip next summer. πŸ˜‰ James longs to try ocean fishing and has been promised a trip with his cousins on our next visit to California.

    Now, I can relate to the seasick girls photo. I have way too vivid memories of an overnight trip out of San Pedro with my dad when I was about 9-years-old. Oh my god, that was awful.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s a fantastic story-telling feature…

  5. I love charter fishing! Looks like you all have a good time! Family things are great! You look good!

  6. Heather,

    You sure did a hell of a job documenting this fishing trip as a sick photographer. The shot of all those seagulls above is amazing and I love it. Really nice photos all together.

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