My Son’s 12th Birthday

My son turned 12 this weekend! Our family usually is up at the river for Labor Day weekend…but this year we stayed home (good thing because we heard it was storming up at that river). Here’s the big “little tough guy” wishing for something good.

I like this photo of my son listening to his friend and the others all enjoying some root beer floats that one of our guests brought over-we have the kindest people in our lives.

A group shot of the boys jumping into the pool! It was great swimming weather.

Another group shot…hard for these boys to stand still and smile for very long.

My son loves football so part of the reason we opted not to go to the river this year was so he could be at his game…which happened to be on his actual birthday. It was a great game. Score 13-6 our win. My son brought in the 1st touchdown of the game and got in some great hits and blocks the rest of the game. He plays running back and linebacker. Not only did his team sing to him after the game, but one of the coaches drenched him in water!

It was a great weekend and hopefully a very memorable birthday for my boy! I’ll never forget the day he was born. We attended his great grandfathers funeral that morning and I was having contractions 5 minutes apart all through it. Made it through and back to the house where we were greeting family and friends. Later that afternoon my water finally broke and I went into the hospital. Went through 4 hours of hard labor and couldn’t understand why it all hurt worse this time around…verses when I had my daughter almost 4 years prior. Well, turned out he was breech! I had to make the decision whether or not to have an emergency “C” Section or take the 5% chance that he might not make it. What do you think I decided?!

Happy 12th Birthday Son!


~ by oneshotbeyond on September 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “My Son’s 12th Birthday”

  1. Tell him that Sue from Kentucky says “Happy Birthday!!” Looks like a good time was had by all….AND, the 1st touchdown of the game,WOW!

  2. Awesome shots – especially the jumping action shot, b&w group, and water drenching (what a face!)!! I love that guy. Happy Birthday Colton-the best nephew EVER!! =)

  3. Excellent set of pics to remember the day. I love the last one best…

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Nothing beats a shower after a game – congrats to him on his playmaker ability and his B day – what a good Mom you are

  5. These photos are great — looks like he had a fantastic time.

  6. H,

    I love the shot of the coach dousing him in water. What a great catch that was with he water frozen! The first shot of him & the cake and the ones of the boys jumping into the pool are great.

    You captured the day wonderfully and I felt like I was there celebrating with you. I wish I lived closer instead of clear across the United States from you… Do you feel like moving closer to New Jersey? 😀

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