Tasty Tuesday: Green Chili Burrito

When I need to make a quick dinner because the mounds of digital files that need editing are getting out of control I make something easy, like this green chili burrito. With only five ingredients and virtually no prep time it’s the fast food and doesn’t require sacrificing flavor.


~ by oneshotbeyond on September 9, 2008.

7 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Green Chili Burrito”

  1. So….where’s the recipe? You’ve certainly made it look tasty!

  2. I love burritos!! I love Green Chili, have not had any real green chili outside of New Mexico and they are all addicted to it in that state. I am so hungry now!!

  3. Yum! You are certainly tempting us…

    I love these quick meals for nights when both kids are off in different directions with their sports activities. This one looks like it would be PERFECT! 😉

  4. Tastey Tues is delicious. I could eat that right now. YUM. I love scallions to. nicely photographed heather!

  5. Don’t you worry my pretty! The food shot is coming – I’m not going to tell you when but it’s coming. Now let’s post Cheri – chop chop! LoL 🙂

  6. Sue-it’s too basic to even need the recipe!

    Julie-it is a perfect sport night dinner.

    Jen-thanks, the photo wasn’t 1/2 bad.

    Wolf-“my pretty”? Isn’t that the term the wicked witch used in Wizard of Oz? You’re scaring me man. :-).

  7. Looks delicious!
    and I love the new blog!

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