Tasty Tuesday: Ice Cream

I can’t take any credit for creating this heavenly bowl of ice cream. It was all my son’s doing. He’s been watching me take photographs of food over the weeks and said if I hurried I could get one of this yummy bowl of ice cream, strawberries & chocolate he made for himself one evening. My daughter is usually the ice cream fanatic! No whip cream for my son. He doesn’t care for it. I happen to love it and if this was my bowl of goodness it would have had a large mound of whip cream on top!

~ by oneshotbeyond on September 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Ice Cream”

  1. Michael is in the same camp as your son, No whip cream for him either.

  2. Ha ha! My son could LIVE on whipped cream!

    This looks exceptionally tastey……..

  3. Yummy. I’ve been to the dentist today and had to skip lunch. This looks just perfect about now!!!

  4. Oh Heather – this looks sooo good minus the real Strawberry and no whip cream for me either. I like it but don’t necessarily need it! LOL! The syrup looks delish too! Good job Colton it making it look good!

    I heart tasty tuesday!

  5. MMmmmm all good, but leave the chocolate syrup off. I don’t like chocolate. yeah, it is weird!

  6. For me – Pour some Grand Marnier over it, replace syrup with dark shaved chocolate, add a teaspoon of 151 rum – light it and I’m ready to go to town.

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