Football…and the reason behind why I’m so utterly consumed by the grit of it all, my son! Ever since he was little he loved the game. Yes, tackle football meant mom had to bite her tongue & get used to bumps, bruises, scratches & long bouts of “take a knee” while her son got checked out for injuries. All in all…it’s still one of the best games that has ever came to pass!

Meet #40…he’s so tough! He plays linebacker & running back. He scored one of the two touchdowns during this game. More of my son (#40) in action next time. The following are some of my favorite shots from the 1st game a few weeks back! GO MURRIETA!!!

#28 makes it look so easy!

Our Defense “Taking Control”

OOPS…easy does it fellows, that just might cost the game!

The spectators get quite cozy & who can blame them with the gorgeous surroundings & action packed game!

What a wild catch by this Temecula player!

#27 goes for the touchdown…

almost gets stopped, but no worries…he made it!


Plenty more to come as the weeks go by!

~ by oneshotbeyond on September 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “13-6”

  1. Heather, These are fabulously done! I’m so proud of you for getting such great action shots! I love the one of your son. He is going to treasure every single one of the photos when he gets older!

    What a gorgeous view near the field, by the way!! How nice that ppl sit there w/ umbrellas and relax and watch!

  2. Are you headed for a new career as sports photographer and sports writer? Love the shots AND the accompanying narration.

    Beautiful setting for a football game!

  3. Great Shots – I cannot wait until Michael gets to play in pads!! couple more years- Great Action shots!

  4. I love the first one of your son and the action shots are fantastic. Sounds like they are off to a great start…

  5. […] Heather of One Shot Beyond Photography – “13-6“  […]

  6. Great photos! I like the action ones with dirt flying, etc….. & of course Colton’s pic is the best!!

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