Tasty Tuesday: A Light Lunch

Healthy, hearty and yummy!

~ by oneshotbeyond on September 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: A Light Lunch”

  1. I am doing BLT’s for dinner tonight, stopped by the farmers market last night and got the tomato’s. I should and the cucumber and spinach after seeing this.

  2. Next time I’m out your way, you name the place, I’ll buy the goods. Flew to San Juan this morning, went straight to meetings, drove back to hotel and still haven’t eaten since breakfast. So there may be some bite marks on my laptop screen!!!! Now I just need a cold beer with that! Perhaps you can guest menu at Oscars!

  3. Oh heather that looks so darn delicious you’ve made me so hungry and all i have are lean cuisines… booo

    hope you make me some yummy meals when i’m out in cali!! 😀

  4. Are the cucumbers marinated? Looks like you really know how to fashion a great sandwich.

  5. Mike…BLT’s sound great, especially with fresh goodness from the farmers market!

    Oscar…Of course I’ll be a guest on Oscar’s. I love that place!!!

    Jen…I’m scared the two of us will have no time for cooking while you’re out here and now that we’ve determined you East Coasters don’t have some of Cali’s classic cuisine’s I just don’t know how much eating in we’ll actually do! 🙂

    Sue…Actually no, they weren’t marinated-but of course I want to try that since you mentioned it.

    Happy & Healthy Eating Friends! Well, until you see what I’m posting this coming Tuesday! 🙂

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