Emil & Stef-Quiet Moments (Part One)

Some emotions don’t make any sound at all.

One of those emotions is LOVE.

It gently whispers through the eyes and sings inside the heart.

Meet my sister Stephanie and the love of her life…Emil.

More than simply loving each other there is an honest and caring friendship between these two.

They march to their own beat and actually savor each step of the journey as they take it.

It’s like being around kids in a candy store for the first time when you are around Emil & Stef. They are wonderfully passionate about the world, peace, harmony & each other!

Spending the day with these two is always a reminder that true & healthy companionship is possible & beautiful.

There will be a part two of this post at a later time and the setting is on the beach!

~ by oneshotbeyond on September 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “Emil & Stef-Quiet Moments (Part One)”

  1. I’m sure they will love these images! Its nice to have natural photos and you have a knack for capturing thier love.

  2. Beautiful photos. Truly captivating.

  3. What beautiful images you’ve captured of your sister and Emil. I can’t wait to meet them (hopefully) when I come to Cali in December!!

    I sooo love the last one of them with the Ferris Wheel – now how cool is that! I always wanted to do a shoot at an amusement park – hopefully some day!

  4. Really nice photo shoot Heather. I like how the patterns in their outfits came out. The first and second one are my favorite.

  5. Your captures and post scream Cali love!! put the chili peppers on!

  6. Awesome dude! Great job Heather.

  7. These look phenomenal and the comments are especially touching!! Such a sweet surprise…thanks SIS! love ya

  8. The fourth one is just awesome! You can really tell how connected they are and the romance really translates well through this image. Great shot!

  9. What a great looking couple! You’ve done a tremendous job with these. It must be really hard to capture a couple’s emotion but you’ve done it so well here. The whole set has a very contemporary, stylish look with the processing you used. Just awesome!

  10. Thank you friends! It is so exciting for me to hear your thoughts on my sessions. This one of course being super exciting for me since it’s my SISTER & EMIL. I think somebody mentioned the world “natural”. That’s the right word for how my sis & Emil are. All natural.

    Thanks again!

    Jason~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 Much appreciated.

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