It’s Back & Better Than Ever

The only “DRAMA” I can have in my life! Grey’s Anatomy is the only show I will actually stop editing to watch. Last night was the first show of the season. A full two hour roller coaster ride I was happy to give up my time for.

Who will end up with who? Who’s the new guy? Will Grey ever fully commit?

Who cares as long as I get to watch EVERY Thursday night!!!

Enjoy the weekend. Mine will be full to the max. GOOD TIMES.

~ by oneshotbeyond on September 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “It’s Back & Better Than Ever”

  1. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. I really need to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I have almost all of last season on my TIVO…so be sure not to tell me anything going on! LOL

  3. This is how I edit – I have my Lightroom displayed on a 47″ LCD with a PIP on the right hand corner – That way you don’t have to stop editing. Know what I mean Jelly Bean?

  4. Thanks Sue…I think it will be impossible not to with another Football Game scheduled and my daughter’s homecoming!

    Jen…you are MISSING out! It’s not the same watching it a YEAR later.

    Wolf…you need to hook me up with the goods man! DANG.

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