New Website!!!

It’s time to introduce my new website to you. I struggled very little with whether to switch from the old one to the new one. The final reasoning was I could ensure to every client of mine quality prints at AFFORDABLE prices. Who doesn’t want the best prices they can get without sacrificing quickness of service & top notch quality?

You will notice changes on my website as the weeks go on. Some galleries are quite bare in fact! What I love about Smugmug (my website choice) is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM it gives the photographer to fully customize their website and maintain it without having to go through anybody else or outsource! That means that I will be the person adding to my galleries, updating information & changing the “look & feel” of my website whenever I feel the urge. Isn’t that the greatest?! The yearly cost for the website is incredibly low and that’s what helps enable me to pass on reduced prices to my clients, friends & family.

Smugmug offers a huge variety of sizes & finishes for prints as well as products galore! They have their own cropping system that the client can adjust according to their own taste. Just take a look at how much they offer. They also have a fantastic HELP & SERVICE TEAM for any questions or needs. If for any reason they don’t offer something you’re looking for ASK ME direct. I use many companies and vendors for printing and products. I can order just about anything you desire (wall calendars, flush mounted leather albums, panoramic leather albums, metal finish albums, fine linen finish prints, comp cards, sports products, specialty cards, mailers, brochures, business cards, storyboards, metal art, statues, etc.) I think you get the idea. Don’t let there be any limits to your imagination when it comes to your photographs. Make them an investment you will be proud to have on display!

Go take a look at my new website and let me know what you think!


Have you been wanting a new & improved way to share your photos on the web? Consider using Smugmug! You can save $5 on a SmugMug subscription by putting my personal coupon code ( 1ctpVjLJ3n2DYin the ‘referred by’ field on the signup form. It’s so easy!

I have to thank Jen Rinaldi for sharing all the behind the scenes goodies Smugmug had to offer before I signed up with them. I can’t say THANK YOU loud enough Jen!


~ by oneshotbeyond on October 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “New Website!!!”

  1. Looks great! Good luck with it. its in my “favorites tab.

  2. Yay! One Shot Beyond Photography! Lookin’ greeeeeeat!

    It totally suits you!

    Smugmug rules!

  3. Yay. New is good. so excited for you. Off to check out the new joint!

  4. Congrats on the new site, Heather! I love the look.
    It’s nice to hear your reasons for choosing Smugmug.

  5. Nice Look Heather – Good Choice = )

  6. Congratulations on joining the SmugMug family. I think you will be very pleased. I have been very pleased with the pieces I’ve ordered and think you and your clients will be as well.

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