Tasty Tuesday: Soup Weather

We finally had some cold weather to pair up with a warm bowl of hearty & soothing soup! Great for the tummy, but even better for the soul. I love my soup steaming hot so that I have to eat it really slow. I get to savor all the flavors that way. My two favorite soups are spicy chicken tortilla & extra creamy tomato.

What’s your most favorite soup?


~ by oneshotbeyond on November 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Soup Weather”

  1. I love soup! Minestrone, potato leek, bean, borscht…

    I’ve never made tortilla soup – this looks really good! I wonder if we can pay Jen to pilfer your recipe book when she visits…………. 😉

  2. Another great photo! Love all of the colors in the soup.. My favorite soup: Homemade Potato Cheddar Chowder.. YUMMMY!

  3. my most favorite soup is chicken enchillada

  4. Ok my FAVORITE soup is also YOUR tortilla soap. Yummo how I’ve craved for that. Glad to hear your shot went well.

  5. I mean TORTILLA SOUP not SOAP. LOL.

  6. HAHAHAHA I just saw Julie’s comment!

    Julie – I’ll try – but I think she has them all in her head so I might not be able to unless I secretly video tape her making her delicious looking dishes. This is definitely one thing I’m looking forward to for during visit!

    Heather – I never thought of a soup like this – you’re so creative. A taco shell or tortilla chip in the soup – wow! Photo looks good!!

  7. Potato, Bacon, Cheese soup and Taco Soup are two of my favorites!

  8. DAMN that looks tasty! can you send me your recipe? I Love most homemade soups. A big fan of barley soups. Love chicken tortilla or enchilada soups.

  9. Great textures and color here – makes me yearn for the chicken tortilla soup we used to get. Trying to find a replacement locally after our move, but it’s just not the same flavor – spicy factor is down in one, and the other has a bean supplement so it’s kind of mealy. Blah.

  10. oh wow! I’m so glad you all shared some of your favorites with me. I’m going to try and make them…just to tease each of you! LOL

    Julie~ no stealing allowed! I will email you a basic recipe, but like Jen said they are mostly in my head. I follow a recipe once and always twist it up the next time.

    Crystal~ My favorite soup used to be potato cheese too! Not figure friendly enough these days though. But you go for it…you have a great excuse…”mom to be”!

    hmm…2 people mentioned chicken enchilada soup. I’ve never made that one. Anybody willing to share their recipe? Or do you eat it out only?

    Jen~ I dare you to video tape me! You’ll be finding out what Cali hotels are like real quick Missy! J/K, but I personally better get to review anything you post to the world that has me in it! {giggle}

    Jason~ I moved close to 2 years ago from my hometown and I still haven’t found just the right replacements for all my favorites. That may be why I’m cooking so much more now! Good luck with your search though. My recipe isn’t blah or bland…I promise that. I’ll send it to you too. And Gordy!

    Soon enough there will be happy slurps all across the globe (well, the U.S.)!

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