The Winner of OSBP’s 1st Giveaway is…

Thanks to all five participants who followed the rules of the giveaway!!! is so awesome!!!

Just type in the names you want to randomize and bing the winner shows up on line 1. Congratulations Oscar! Off to the tavern for some cocktails!

Oscar…I’ll contact you soon for where to mail your WAR STORIES CD! YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT I’M SURE!!!



~ by oneshotbeyond on November 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Winner of OSBP’s 1st Giveaway is…”

  1. WOW! First I’d like to thank the Randomizer, and Then our Host Heather for this swell site and the prize! And my producers, my agent, and let’s not forget God, and My pal Jen who started me in blogging, and all my other friends here in blogland. And all my friends at the tavern and at CS. Oh the music is playing and I have to hurry, and Keep those yummy foods and great shots coming Heather! And I also would like to thank my favorite…… (Commercial – “Saved by Zero”)

  2. Congratulations, Oscar. Loved your acceptance speech! And, Heather….thanks for the fun!

  3. LOL Gordy – you crack me up like no other. Thanks for including me in your acceptance speech…I feel soooo honored! LOL

    Take a box buddy. War Stories rocks my socks all the way in Jersey! You’ll love em!

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