California in December

I know the rest of the world is actually having a real winter…with cold winds or snow dropping out of the dreary sky above, but for us Californians it’s a little different. A little sunny and mostly just BEAUTIFUL!

My friend Jen (Jen Rinaldi Photography) at Venice Beach in front of a gorgeous California sunset in DECEMBER~

Isn’t she stunning??!

Dear Jen,

Not only am I stoked to have you visiting me here in California…I am so grateful to spend your BIRTHDAY with you this year! I hope you enjoy this visit and I hope you will remember it always.

Thanks for being a true & giving friend through the past couple years. I’m overjoyed to know that our passion & love of photography brought us together as friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let’s go celebrate in San Diego!!!



~ by oneshotbeyond on December 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “California in December”

  1. Oh my gosh, that is a stunning portrait of Jen! Love it! It’s wonderful that you two have transformed an on-line friendship into an in-person one…

  2. I love the portrait and I’m so happy to be here with you! I’m having such a great time! Thanks for chauffeuring me all around Cali!!

  3. NICE SHOT Heather – This has to be the best I have seen of Jen – She looks very happy and relaxed!! Is there some gas lamp district meanderings happening!! I went to a year of high school in San Diego = ) be safe HAVE FUN

  4. I am so glad the two of you are having such a great time!!

  5. Love, love, love the Jen sunset portrait!!! What a creative angle. I’m with Mike….be safe; HAVE FUN!

  6. Happy Holidays!! See you next year!!

  7. It’s been an incredibly fun time hanging out with Jen…I can’t believe today is her last full day with us! 😦 Thank goodness the sun came back out for it. I think more portraits are a must!

  8. That is a beautiful portrait!! Well captured!

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