Three Lovely Sisters

Do you remember these sisters from my earlier post here? We didn’t even know if this session would happen because of the stormy weather that had rolled in over Temecula that morning. Lucky for us…the storm moved right on through about an hour before we starting the session. Of course it left beautiful blue skies above.

These sisters are so precious and genuine. They each have a unique personality and beautiful smiles.

From Left-Katie, Kelly & Kimmy

(click to enlarge)

Yes…Katie did smile!

Look at how amazing the sky looked after the storm left! Love the hands on the hips in this shot.

(click to enlarge)

Dad got into a few of the photos…I liked this one the best. The casual feel of this group shot makes for a keeper!

Aren’t their scarves just perfect? I really think mom did a good job of picking the right combination of colors for this outdoor shoot and connected the girls *warmly* with the sylish scarves!

Such a great time! Dad wants me to work with the entire family this spring for a vision he has in mind. Check back to see what we come up with and to see some individuals of these three lovely sisters!


~ by oneshotbeyond on January 2, 2009.

9 Responses to “Three Lovely Sisters”

  1. I love these! All the colors and natural textures in the scene are beautiful. You did fantastic work with posing the girls. Happy mom, I bet!

  2. Love the last two especially. I have a feeling that YOU make EACH and EVERY one of your clients feel special and beautiful while you are working with them. I would love to watch you in action.

  3. I am envious of your choice of location – Nice pop with the scarves – you have the poses NAILED!!!!

  4. Great set Heather! I really love the bond you can feel between them. 😀

  5. These shot are amazing, but something about the unique DOF in the second one really catches my eye!

  6. Thanks all! You’d laugh if you watched me pose people. I hardly do so! I really let them fall naturally into position and start shooting from there. When people are comfy with how they’re posed they look most natural to me! 🙂

  7. You and Rinaldi are sofa king talented.

  8. Beautiful classic images! Well done Heather.

  9. These are great Heather!

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