Kim’s Outdoor Maternity Session

Be prepared for my joy to jump out at you through your computer at any time through this post. I was delighted to find out that Kim (cute mommy-to-be) wanted to do a maternity session with me. I was absolutely elated with the results we achieved. This part of her session was done at the fabulous Santa Rosa Plateau near Murrieta, Ca. We were chasing the light and did catch it! The second part of her session included her hubby and adorable little son and will be shared in a future post. There were simply too many unique shots to fit them all in!

Kim is having a baby girl soon…I couldn’t believe the beautiful pink glow in the sky as the sun was setting behind her in the photo below. Kim had her own glow going on as you can see.

I loved that photo so much I had to do something else with it. I pushed the processing limits and came up with this piece of heaven:

So simple and sweet.

Classic & lovely.

She has the “GLOW” for sure!

Some rolling hills & some extra texture.

Look at that sky! Look at that smile! Look at those eyes! 🙂

Come back soon to see the “studio/indoor” part of Kim’s session.


~ by oneshotbeyond on January 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Kim’s Outdoor Maternity Session”

  1. Wow… fantastic work… love the proudness you captured in her.

  2. #2, #3, and #4…, love, love ’em. She’s so pretty and you have indeed captured her “glow.”

  3. Wow! Great shots Heather. I love all of th images, but I think my fav is #3 the PP on that is wonderful. Thanks for sharing again. Kevin

  4. Nice series!! #6 is my fav, great job on the post!!

  5. WOw she IS pregnant isn’t she! some daring shots there Heather!

    #6 is beautiful.

  6. gorgeous! love the “glow” and the rolling hills images!!

  7. Gorgeous, every one of them!

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  9. 3, 5, & 6 are my favorites! I love the processing and I adore the texture in 6 and the hills of course are what do it for me.

    You did such a great job capturing the light as well. Santa Rose Plateau is awesome.

    I love those hills…from personal experience…I think you took one of me right there that I adore.

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