Getting Back to Good

I’m working on  “getting back to good” as some call it. It’s been one of those incredible times in my life where the good and bad seems to be a blurry mix of chaos. The treasure and comfort I find most precious is that of friendship. I have such a devoted team of friends that give me uplifting and valuable inspiration. It’s when a friend is there for you day in and day out that you can rest your head and know that everything is as it should be…or at least will be one day.

The other valuable joy I have to battle my blues with is…PHOTOGRAPHY. I am so grateful to be able to meet people and shoot their smiling faces. It is because I’ve found what I love to do that I feel like I have my very own gold mind of goodness around me no matter what is happening in my life. It’s like a protective bubble that’s only goal is to nourish my soul. If you are not doing what you love to do…I encourage you to find out what it is and work it into your life in whatever way is feasible. It makes all the difference in the world. No person can make another person “happy”, but following your heart and dreams can make you so much happier with yourself.

Superior to all Miss Zelda. She is just the epitome of positive emotional fuel for me! She never asks for time to regroup, think things over or figure out her next move. She just dives in with her affectionate personality and loyal eyes. She LOVES and GIVES and LOVES and GIVES some more. When will all humans learn how to do this simple thing and will they ever do it as good as Miss Zelda does?

Thank you blog readers. Thank you friends. Thank you clients. Thank you family. I value you dearly!


~ by oneshotbeyond on February 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “Getting Back to Good”

  1. You are a wonderful person and great friend, Heather. I’m glad you are working on “getting back to good”. To find solace in your photography will certainly help. Your friends all care about you! 🙂

    That is a beautiful shot of Zelda. The love of a pet is unconditional and unwavering.

  2. All very true indeed Heather…. great shot of Miss Zelda btw!

  3. Oh….your “Miss Zelda” is quite a personality, with her cocked ear and tongue hanging out! So special, pets can be! I’m glad you have her love in your life.

  4. Just like your photography, your writing is beautiful. I admire you for both. I’ve been thinking about you and am cheered to know that you are ‘getting back to good’….

  5. Good to hear your “getting back to good” go watch the video on by Zack Arias – its awesome for the soul

  6. You know you have a virtual support system amongst your blog friends. 🙂 It’s always good to put you first so you can get “back to good.” In addition to your friends…having your hobby to lean on and your 4-legged pal are some of the things that keep you going and get you through. I know they were for me in my hardest times. 🙂

  7. All the love back at you my friend. It’s good to collect and share thoughts.


  8. You all are too sweet! 🙂

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