The New England Holocaust Memorial

There will never be words to describe the depth of feelings that came with visiting this place. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Boston take the Freedom Trail and see for yourself how these particular memories of raw history make you feel inside you should take it.

Some of these photos were taken with my cell phone (2 mp cam) so try to look past the quality and see the meaning.

The New England Holocaust Memorial (click for more info)

The tunnels have steam rising from underneath your feet as you slowly pass through to view the survivor’s stories.

Please click on the following five photographs to enlarge and attempt to read the writing. It’s quite blurry because of the rain, but there is some legibility still left.

(self portrait)

“My God this may be all that’s left of someone.”

This one got to me pretty bad.

“Make those women believe that they are just getting a haircut.”

The writing behind me in this next one made me weep the hardest.

“I gave my good shoes to my father because I thought he’d need them if he did physical labor. When I saw my mother for the last time, I hugged her and said I hoped she didn’t have to work too hard. I NEVER DREAMED they’d be dead within a short time of their departure.”

(above-self portrait)

To recollect the cruelty of these events is essential if we are to claim to be human. Special thanks to Chrisandra for making sure I saw this place despite the weather and time constraints. Chrisandra is depicted in the first photograph of the glass towers posted above. A coworker of mine is shown in the fourth photograph down from the top viewing the writing etched in glass…the words of a survivor.



~ by oneshotbeyond on February 24, 2009.

8 Responses to “The New England Holocaust Memorial”

  1. A very powerful and moving monument! Thanks for sharing this Heather!

  2. Some really poigniant stuff here Heather. Thanks for capturing and sharing.

  3. Heather, that must have been a very moving experience. I will keep that on our list of places to go when we are in New England next. Thanks for sharing it with us…

  4. I never knew about this monument. I have been to the Holocaust museum in DC and that was a very moving emotional experience for me. I actually took a semester long class on the Holocaust my senior year in college. It was one of the best classes in all of my 4 years there.

    You depicted the experience very well through your photos.

  5. the quality is in the meaning – thanks for sharing this Heather

  6. Something to experianced I’m sure.

  7. The rain and the “cell phone quality” added, IMHO, to the emotional impact of this series.

  8. It’s really a must see guys…thanks for reading this post.

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