Undeniable Beauty

There is an undeniable beauty about my sister. She has the ability to transform herself into anything she chooses. She is a natural in front of the camera. I truly LOVE photographing her because she always brings out just the right emotion to the shoot. I was so excited that she decided to join the Photo Shoot Party I was having. I know her hunny is greatly enjoying these shots and more from our session! 🙂


~ by oneshotbeyond on March 4, 2009.

11 Responses to “Undeniable Beauty”

  1. Great work; but I’ve gotta add that last one is sooooo creative.

  2. Yes Heather, I am definitely a benefactor of these shots 😉 I love the shots and I love what you wrote … We both love the shots and you 😉 …. Beautiful!

  3. That is your sister?? WOW Undeniable Beauty is correct! 🙂

    Great shots. Really nice poses and tones in these shots!!

  4. Came over from Oscars. Great photos. Your sister knows how to act in front of a lens.

  5. Heather< these are great! I love the collage and the borders around the top shots. Great pose on the last one! Love the idea! Steph is a great model for you!!

  6. Heather these images are lovely. The processing and the choice of bordering really stands out. Great stuff.

  7. Thank you Sue. I immediately thought of using the hat she brought to cover certain parts of her for that pose. I love how her hair flows out all over the place too.

    Thank you Emil! I feel the same about you two!

    Yep Crash…she is my beautiful sis…

    Mike, thanks for coming over. I love Oscar’s bar! 🙂

    Jen & Kevin-You both noticed the bordering…it’s from Corel! 🙂

  8. Nice to see your stunning sister again! I LOVE this presentation and the last shot is awesome.

  9. Im a Rhode Island wedding photographer and just happened on your site… she is SO beautiful!!! Great job!!!

  10. I like these shots! Very creative!

    Oh, and a person should always tip thier hat when meeting folks..LOL

  11. Gordy…that is funny! I don’t think her boyfriend would approve…

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