OWB: Or You Can Cry

Are you ready for this? I had a wild idea and ran with it. I’m starting something new here on OSBP…it’s called OWB and stands for ONE WORD BEYOND. I love to write and express the emotions I’m going through. I also pick up on the emotions of friends and family and tend to write about their feelings too. I have one problem…I don’t know what to do with all my rantings. I decided I’d do this series of OWB quotes and make them available on my website in the form of postcards & other goodies in the coming months. I’ll give you the scoop on that later.

I know you’re wondering how this relates to my photography. I am using all my own textures to turn my very own words into artistic pieces. Let me know what you think…here is the first one.


~ by oneshotbeyond on March 17, 2009.

10 Responses to “OWB: Or You Can Cry”

  1. WOW! A wonderful concept.

  2. I love this idea!
    You should sell them on etsy!

  3. Great Idea Heather….look forward to seeing it develop

  4. So true.

  5. Great idea.

  6. Love this idea and concept. Such a creative outlet to express your truth.

  7. Great idea you’ll be writing what we all feel.

  8. I enjoy words too. Nice!

  9. Etsy is a great idea for a concept like this!

  10. I’m glad it all came together last night. I’m glad you went with this one first. I love it…and “or you can cry.”

    Looking forward to more!

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