Chloe’s Tea Party

Chloe had a tea party for her 4th birthday. It was adorable. When I thought back to all the different “theme” parties I had for my own daughter (now 16 years old) I realized none of them were a tea party. You can imagine how exciting it was to watch these tiny girls sip on their pink tea and play around with makeup and cool dress up clothes. So much fun!

Here’s the sweet birthday girl enjoying her tea and “crumpets”. πŸ™‚

You’d have to know Chloe’s mom to know that no detailed is ever missed at her parties. Not a one. See the pretty tea pot and cup with saucer…that proves my point!

And if that didn’t prove it…maybe these adorable center pieces will.

Or these butterfly cupcakes…

They were enjoyed by many!

Just precious…

I think she likes what she sees.

This little doll enjoyed a second round of tea while watching Chloe open her gifts.

I just couldn’t get over all the cute teapots and cups around the table. Probably because I love tea and I have a mini collection of my own.

Plenty of happy faces!

I’m so glad Chloe’s parents had me over to photograph this party. I needed this experience on this day. I miss working with kids and having tiny ones around to make happy. Life is so much sweeter when we’re making others happy. How can you see these cute little 4 year olds and not strive to make their days brighter?

If you’re having a special event and want me there to document it so you can just sit back and enjoy it…contact me ( I love taking photographs and helping others preserve their precious memories!


~ by oneshotbeyond on March 23, 2009.

10 Responses to “Chloe’s Tea Party”

  1. Oh Heather. This is a WONDERFUL series and you captured the essence of the special birthday girl and her party so beautifully. And, what a wonderful service — document special events! YOU are so perfect for that!!!

  2. love the cupcake shots!

  3. I wish I had someone like you to photograph the birthday parties in my kids’ early childhood. These are just fantastic! Every single one…

  4. Heather you are really good at what you do. You should be so proud of what you have become.

  5. Great shots Heather. Really nice series and the conversions work so well in each one.

  6. Love the series and the moments you captured. The 50mm is so wonderful isn’t it? The little girl in the last photo’s eyes are amazing in that shot! Great natural light on that too!

    The conversions are great!

  7. Excellent Work!!

  8. Thank you all for the nice comments.

    You are always too sweet to me.

    Thanks for saying what you did. It’s great hearing that from a very old friend who’s known me for so long.

    That last little girl was a total cutie. I tried getting her to wear one of the vintage hats that were sitting around, but she wasn’t going for it. Her mom said she doesn’t like hats and that she even had a homemade one for her that matched her pretty dress, but she won’t wear it. πŸ™‚

  9. Your photographs are UH-MAZING! I really love your blog! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  10. A lovely series of images. The cupcake shot is a standout for me.

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