Contaminated Art

The most common purposes of “tagging” and graffiti are communication and to declare claim over a particular territory. The result often costs communities money, time & frustration in preventive measures & cleaning it up. 


~ by oneshotbeyond on April 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “Contaminated Art”

  1. I used to have students who were soooooooo artistic, but I knew they were involved with this “art form.” I always wished I could have encouraged them to use their talent in a more productive manner.

    I really like the processing and border on the second image. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start something with this post; we probably will all be out looking for interesting examples of “tagging” to photograph.

  2. I am very ambivalent towards graffiti. I’m often attracted to the artistic effect and find it can make particularly good photographic material. But it is so wrong that owners of private property and the public bear the burden of cleaning it up.

    Your shots are neat, though. I especially like the first and the last.

  3. “The result often costs communities money, time & frustration in preventive measures & cleaning it up. ”

    BUT YOU turned these into ART

  4. Nice takes on a muted subject Heather. Some of these “kids” can be very artistic and hopefully that will come through in their lives a little later. Lovely processing of a tough subject.

  5. Great finds!!! Love how you’ve turned this into ‘art’. Excellent!

  6. Thanks guys…I love venturing off alone and finding neat stuff around my area. I wasn’t expecting to find these though.

  7. Reminds me of my teenage skateboarding days. Well done.

  8. Very cool subject Heather. As sad as it is for the property owners it does make a cool subject or background for photography sometimes. I also love the processing on the 2nd image.

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