Tasty Tuesday: Lasagna

If you like meaty + cheesy + easy this lasagna is for you. I found it on a favorite blog of mine…Pioneer Woman. She calls it “The Best Lasagna. Ever.” Recipe and detailed instructions on how to prepare it can be found here.

If I make this again I’d use fresh herbs…that’s about the only change I’d make. Pretty superb as is!

(click to enlarge)




~ by oneshotbeyond on April 7, 2009.

11 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Lasagna”

  1. yum!!

  2. Ha – I had Lasagna just last night! Didn’t quite look as good as this though….

  3. Two favorites of mine — lasagna and Pioneer Woman. I need to show my husband this image; he likes lasagna too AND SQUARE PLATES! (We keep saying we’re going to get some square plates. They will be out of style, though, by the time we get around to it. = ))

  4. Sue~square plates will never go out of style! I only have 2 of them by the way…and 1 triangle one. lol

  5. Ok I should have been invited for dinner because I bet that was sooo yummy!

  6. Thanks, Heather. Another one for me to try. I like PW too, but it’s nice to have you vet the recipe first. 😉

  7. yummy. im finally hungry after this virus and this has made me very hungry. i love PW.

  8. I actually read every word of that recipe from beginning to end. It looks awesome.

  9. While the lemon garlic herb chicken I had tonight was good, as soon as I saw this I had to wipe the drool off my chin – great colors, textures, and now you’ve got me craving lasagne! Mission accomplished here…very nice

  10. That lasagna does look tasty!

  11. MMMMMM!

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