2009 Senior Sessions

It’s the time of year when 2009 Seniors are so close to graduation that their anticipation is soaring. I can’t help but be a little excited too. I love shooting teens just about to graduate. Their energy is high and they each have unique personalities just beaming to be captured!

My senior session pricing can be found here. If you mention any one of the following 3 OSBP Senior Reps names, when booking your session…you will get $50 off the session price!!! Contact me soon to book your 2009 senior session.

Remember Farryn? I posted this shot of her and these shots last fall. Here’s a few more that you haven’t seen until today.

How about Melissa? Here are her shots from last fall and this composite was her sneak peek. And the these next ones are the ones you didn’t get to see until now.

I doubt anybody could forget Ben…from this post of mine. Here’s a couple you didn’t see.

~ by oneshotbeyond on April 8, 2009.

12 Responses to “2009 Senior Sessions”

  1. Beautiful light and great composition. Well done Heather, very cool.

  2. Heather, I love how you keep senior photos fresh and fun; showing their personalities while maintaining and respecting the “dignity” of the senior photo. (I’m not sure exactly how to say that.)

    Love the black and white of Ben…..the eyes, WOW! And, Melissa in front of the stream….love the light on her hair!

  3. Glad to have a look at these again as well as see the new shots. My favorite thing about your senior photos is that you keep it all very real – nothing overdone. When Kate is ready for her senior pics in a few years, we might have to schedule a trip to California. 😉

  4. lovely portraits! i love the sharpness of her eyes and the surrounding blur underlines the beauty of the model.
    nice job!

  5. These are beautiful portraits.

  6. Great portraits Heather. I’m a big fan of a healthy dose of depth of field. Nice shots!

  7. I bet the kids just LOVE what you do to/for them, OSB!

  8. You look incredible Farryn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. These are great senior photos Heather. Great work! .

  10. Those are so great! Awesome job capturing the excited senior! 🙂 I remember that feeling!

  11. I love the 1st image! Great work!

  12. hm… amazing

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