Baby Kyllie

she’s just 9 itsy bitsy weeks old

love her pretty little bonnet & big blue eyes

she smiles for the camera (YAY!)

bubble central around those adorable lips

lookin’ over at her mommy

bunny ears to remember her 1st Easter by

Kyllie’s one of those babies that already sleeps through the night. Kim & Lance are some very lucky parents. I was in la la land spending the afternoon with Kyllie. I rocked her to sleep and savored every minute of holding her. So peaceful…so content…so very LOVED.

I hope you clicked the photos to see them bigger! 🙂


~ by oneshotbeyond on April 16, 2009.

17 Responses to “Baby Kyllie”

  1. SOOOOO cute- you do such incredible work!

  2. Precious!

  3. Wow! What great images. To get a nine week old to smile is something special, let alone capture it. Great processing and lovely images.

  4. Simply beautiful – both the baby and the photos. That smile will have me smiling all day! 😉

  5. I love that first one. The processing is great for that!

    I love her little hat and the pink blanket around her. She looks so happy and cheery and her eyes look great.

    You’ve done well with these Heather. 🙂

  6. What a cutie!

  7. Excellent expressions; tough with someone that young.

  8. Love the whole series; precious. I especially like her big blue eyes in #2 and the cute bunny cap for the First Easter!

  9. loooove the smile in the 4th image!! beautiful baby!

  10. these ALMOST make me want to have a baby (again).

  11. What a little cutie pie. Well done as always Heather. I just took a few of baby Jake-Onni today. Babies are the best.

  12. Kyllie’s parents must LOVE you for these gorgeous images!

  13. Wow! So beautiful! Love your photos and style, just super. Thanks for visiting and I’m sure coming back for more inspiration.

  14. love the one where she is looking at her mommy!

  15. Thank you all for your wonderful support!

  16. What a doll!! These are fantastic! 🙂

  17. So cute! I love the B&W smiley pic! Great job!

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