My son has been learning about the proper use of firearms for as long as I can remember. He went through the California Hunter Safety Course when he was only ten years old and got his own hunting license… which is good for life. He enjoys target shooting and hunting a couple times a year under close supervision. He shows exemplary handling skills and the ultimate respect for the ethics of using a firearm. I’m proud of the little guy because he knows what his interests are and is always seeking greater knowledge of those things. I have every reason to believe he will grow into a strong & diligent man. I love this little guy. He’s truly armed with some great gifts in the personality & skills department!

(click to enlarge)

The 10 Commandments of Firearm Saftey


~ by oneshotbeyond on April 26, 2009.

8 Responses to “Armed”

  1. Aw! I love that photo! He looks so grown up here!

  2. Great processing on this, Heather. A poster for his wall maybe?

    I think shooting would be a good sport for boys – it must teach a lot of discipline and patience, and maybe help balance the unrealistic ideas they get about shooting from playing video games.

    Good of you to provide the link to the ‘ten commandments’….

  3. It’s really nice to know there are some kids still taking gun safety seriously. It sounds like you had a lot to do with that!

  4. What a great shot! Especially with your text. You seem to have a wonderful, beautiful son and I think it’s great that he’s got the opportunity to learn this properly. And the other gifts he’s armed with, that’s the most important gift a mother can give. You’re very lucky. My son is like that too..
    The processing of this shot is perfect.

  5. its really great that he is properly equipped with gun safety knowledge. and also an interesting hobby.

  6. Meleah~doesn’t he? I think he recently has had a growth spurt!

    Julie~I wish he had room for more photos in his bedroom…he’s filled to the max with trophey’s, football photos & hunting/fishing photos. All that and his raider’s collection. It’s insane. A typical “boys room”.

    Ginnie~He does take it seriously. His dad has more to do with teaching him the gun saftey than I do…but I do support him in learning about all the things that interest him.

    Thanks Farrah & Brita! He has too many hobbies…now he’s into archery all of a sudden & darn good at it!

  7. Sounds like you are raising a very well rounded young man with character and broad experiences.

  8. Learning to shoot, and how to properly handle and act around a weapon is good. I did it when I was younger. You really gain a lot of respect for a firearm and the damage they can cause if not treated with respect. I think I’d change the wording in the “10 commandments of firearm safety” a little. On #10 I’d change “Avoid” to “NO”! 🙂

    It’s funny, the shooty is nearly as big as him. lol J/K

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