Oh…Happy Day!

When she’s relaxed…her ear flops around on its own.

When she’s tense…she yawns.

When she’s irritated…she moans.

When she’s tired…she still gets up and follows me to my destination.

When she gets a new toy…she tears it to shreds.

When she wants inside…she hits the sliding door with one paw (that’s her knock).

When she’s out of control…I laugh the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life.

She is a thousand things I’m not and I am a thousand things she’s not, but we are connected. She used to come check on me while I was in the shower. She would pace back and forth until I was done. I realized maybe she wasn’t checking on me…maybe she missed me while I was not by her side. I did a little experiment one day. I decided to sing to her while I showered and see if that helped. It did. Being as I can’t sing…it’s quite hysterical to witness (ask my kids)! Seriously though…she needs to hear me or be beside me in order to be calm & content. I have her pretty well figured out.

That’s when you know it’s real..a real bond-the kind that can never be broken. The kind of bond that lives inside the heart and is protected by layers upon layers of unity only the two of us can understand.

This photo just made my head spin. I think this dog of mine is the most brilliantly designed creature on the planet. Her body is so incredibly lean and strong. Her posture and demeanor are elegant and beautiful.  

Happy 2nd Birthday Zelda Bell…you are forever my grrrrrrrrrrl!


Zelda went to the river for the first time a couple weeks ago. She was a little stinker. She kept running off to find somebody to play with. Colton had to use his speedy skills to catch her each time she ran off. We ended up having to tie her up next to the water. She loved the water.

Here’s the little stinker at the river after she got herself tied up. The look on her face comes from me laughing at her for getting herself into trouble-I think she thinks I’m being mean & I also think she’s saying…

“How could you let this happen to your grrrrrrrrrrrl?”

Her mug shot for being such a stinker! She’s so serious sometimes. I love these shots because you can see her beautiful blue/gray coloring. The blue in the water and sky compliment her coat utterly well.

“I really want to be over there. Maybe if I stare long enough in that direction I’ll will it to happen.”

Do you have a dog? Does he/she melt your heart? Tell me about it…I love hearing about the special bonds between pets and their owners!


~ by oneshotbeyond on April 30, 2009.

20 Responses to “Oh…Happy Day!”

  1. Heather, Zelda is a stunning dog. I’ve never known a doberman personally before and I admit I’ve always been a bit intimidated by their appearance. Your photos and description of Zelda are breaking away at that for me. She sounds so loving and fun. The portraits are amazing…

  2. Great Shots this Week Heather, If I ever get out your way, I will demand a dinner!! Your shots make me so hungry and your ingredients are what I love!!

  3. oh my, such a stunning beauty! wow, you really captured her at her best. although big dogs do scare me, but from the way you so vividly described her, she sounds like a real sweetheart. its great that she has got such a loving family. by the way thanx for the visit to my blog, much appreciated. thank you so much!

  4. What a beautiful dog!

  5. A very striking dog Heather and great portrait shots of her. Lovely stuff.

  6. You are very lucky to have such an amazing creature in your life.

  7. Love that dog and the photos.

  8. WOW! I love to hear stories like this, OSB. I don’t have a dog now but did have one years ago…or I should say the family did. I was the one who walked him every night after supper. It was MY time to be alone with my thoughts, and Vester (short for Sylvester) seemed to love giving me my space.

  9. Oh my gosh, Heather, the same word comes to mind for me as for other commenters..Zelda is just stunning! Love correctly cropped Dobie ears. Whomever did Libby’s goofed one of them up (which is why one is never standing in the photos)

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to pop in on you. Love the beautiful photography and the blog!

  10. Julie & Farrah~Doberman’s are great protectors, but no where near as vicious as own has probably been made to believe. Zelda is loving, sensitive and peaceful with all our family & friends. Doberman’s are one of the smartest dogs in the world and with that comes very complex personalities. They don’t care for being alone. They are truly made to either be a companion or a guard/defensive protector. Finding the fine line inbetween is what’s necessary when having them as a pet. Hours of high quality training are essential. Lots of love is the other essential ingredient. Zelda loves protecting her family…but would only do so if there was a real threat present. She is brave & fearless. It’s quite inspiring…

    Wine Dog~I read about your two previous dogs dying of cancer. I am so sorry to hear that. I do know how lucky I am to have her.

    Ginnie~walking her is the best time in the world for me. I dread it before I actually take her, but once we’re out and about I feel the same as you described!

    mrssnell~ah…the dreaded ear cropping. Zelda had one of the top two croppers in Ca do her ears. The surgery and after care was top notch. I still hated the process of it all and know if I ever was to get another Doby I’d have to buy from a breeder who takes care of the cropping for me. It about killed me to wrap Zelda’s ears when she was a puppy. Libby is gorgeous just the way she is!!!

  11. she is simply gorgeous. i have a boston terrier, gracie, that stayed with my ex. i miss her SO much. the connection between human and canine is wonderful and you described it beautifully.

  12. Hi Heather-Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve added you and will be back to visit often! Zelda is beautiful and your photos of her are awesome. She’s just sitting there waiting patiently for you to finish snapping away! Dogs are the best!

  13. Happy 2nd Birthday Zelda! We got a blue dobie (named Blue) last summer from a dog trainer/breeder at seven months old. He lived with his dad, so was submissive. I had told my husband NEVER on the subject of a doberman, but when I met Blue, my heart melted. Who knew how gentle, affectionate, loving, smart and actually cuddly dobies could be? Imagine a 70 lb muscular dog curled up or stretched out on the couch with you – he is so graceful, we don’t even know he’s there. Your pictures are superb – I will show them to my husband; he loves to use his new digital camera!

  14. Great shot!! I love the dog posture 🙂

    Well done 🙂

  15. Heather, I REALLY enjoy reading your daily blog and just love the day in the life of your Zelda. We adopted Miley, a Bulldog/Boxer mix, 1 year ago and we are so lucky to have her. She is so smart and yearns for socializing. Like Zelda, she is my daily shadow and just recently noticed her worried look when I started to “pack up” and put my shoes on. Dogs are truly a wo”man’s” best friend. I read somewhere….be the person your dog thinks you really are.

  16. Love your stories about Zelda; and especially love the last shot.

  17. What a beautiful puppy (and beautiful photos too)!

  18. What beautiful shots of Zelda, the only Dobie I’ve known well was nearly a psychic, lovely very sensitive dogs. You both are lucky.

  19. so amazing. …all of your shots are just beautiful!

  20. These images are beautiful and tell a really sweet story 🙂

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