My Biggest Reasons for Smiling

I knew exactly what I wanted this Mother’s Day…way before the day was here. New photos of my biggest reasons for smiling and getting out of bed every morning. Last weekend I set up my portable studio and surprised the kids with an unplanned shoot of them-for me. Hehehehehehe…I know how mean I am. They pretty much fully cooperated-if you don’t count in that Colton clowned around & made me a tiny bit bonkers. I had these printed and am so happy because they came out looking so great in print!

The greatest gift I’ve EVER recieved in my life was being blessed with two special kids to mother & cherish. Aren’t they precious?

Looking so grown up.

(click the photo to enlarge)

Brittany-age 16 (ouch)

Colton-age 12 (ouch, 13 is only 4 months away)

For kicks we through the dogs into the mix…Dazie is scared of my camera so it was amazing that she looked over right when I took this. Zelda was scared to sit on the backdrop b/c normally I would be telling her to stay off of it. This time I kept putting her on it and she would freak out and try to get off of it. I imagine I confused her quite a bit.

(click the photo to enlarge it)

~take note of Colton’s collar in this photo and then again in the next one~

See what damage Zelda caused Colton’s collar? That’s from struggling to keep her seated.

Random question for you…does a mother’s job end when her children turn 18? or any parent for that matter?

I think it never ends. I believe lessons in life can be taught at any age and sometimes has greater impact to an individual when it comes from their parent. I know some people take on the “friend” role to their children once their children become adults. Does the parent role really take a backseat because of a number like age eighteen? Or does it happen when your child graduates from college? Is it when they move out of the house & make their own family?

What are your thoughts? I’m very curious.

Have a happy Sunday! Show a mom some love!!! 🙂



~ by oneshotbeyond on May 10, 2009.

28 Responses to “My Biggest Reasons for Smiling”

  1. What a fantastic Mother’s Day gift and post. I can sense that you are one awesome Mother — with two super specialistic fantastic kids!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I know I still need my mom! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  3. Your kids are gorgeous, Heather, and you got some fabulous shots for Mother’s Day. I hope you have a wonderful day……

    Good moms have a role in their childrens’ lives always. I was 29 when my mom died and I remember feeling that even at that age I was way too young to be without her. It is a real loss not having her guidance and friendship as an adult. I hope that I’ll be around for a long time for my kids.

  4. You have beautiful children!! Lovely! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  5. These photograph are awesome!! Your reasons for smiling and getting out of bed are gorgeous including the “puppies”!!

    Do you ever write any tuts? I would love to know how you did the first fabulous photograph.

  6. Oops!! Clicked submit too soon. Happy Mother’s Day. Trust me they will always need you!!

  7. What beautiful photos! This is such a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! Hope you’re going to scrapbook these! I love black and whites! Your children are beautiful!

  8. WOw they are so grown….Very good looking we are in trouble

  9. never ends, my mom still comes by and tries to do my laundry. true story 🙂 hope you had an awesome mama’s day!

  10. Beautiful children! Yes one of the best gifts you can recieve!

  11. Great shots Heather. You are right to be proud of your kids. My daughter is not even one yet and I must have thousands of shots of her. Its images like this that last a lifetime.

  12. you got you a good lookin’ family there. 🙂 mine are 15 and and almost 17 (and starting college!). great, great shots.

  13. Those kids are beautiful. And ouch is right. I am so afraid of my daughters getting older. My husband is already threatening chastity belts. Good God give me strength.

  14. your daughter is very pretty!
    personally I don’t think a parents role takes a backseat, but only that parents should give their kids room to make mistakes and hopefully learn from it. that shows that you have trust in them and they will know that no matter what you as their parent will always have their back. well that’s what I think and hope from my parents. lol.

  15. Exquisite photos! Your children are beautiful (including the four legged ones). You have a lovely family!

  16. Happy Mothers Day sweety!

  17. They are so precious! I am watching my little one grow so fast, have to cherish all of the simple moments day to day.
    I also think that you are correct that mothering never ends with age, I am 34 and still learning so much from my Mom.

  18. Your children are beautiful!! 🙂 What a great gift to yourself!!!

  19. That is the best part about being good at photography, the images we are going to leave our children!! Great Job!!

  20. Hope you had a great mother’s day! My mom is my best friend and I’m in my late 20s – that different type of relationship probably started when I was in college though.

  21. Beautiful kids 🙂 Hope you had a great day!

  22. Great pictures! Your children are gorgeous. No wonder you are smiling!

  23. Oh, Happy Mother’s Day! Your kids are beautiful…and what a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift! One that you can make happen! ha ha! 🙂 They are adorable. Love it.

  24. Particularly like the solo portraits; personalities show.

    Kids… I think we (parents) reach a point where we really don’t/can’t have as much influence by nature. Saving grace is knowing that every other generation in history had the same stage in life to move through, and we survive… still!

  25. The pictures of the kids are great!! How they grow so fast!! Brennan is growing right before my eyes and is already 9 weeks old! I think when kids start having kids of their own is when they finally learn to appreciate their parents and seek out a more friendship/mentor relationship.

  26. Heather! These are fantastic. What a great idea to surprise THEM wih the session! LOL then they can say know because it was a gift tto you!

    I love the solo ones also and I’m so glad the pups got in the shot!

  27. CUTE kids! really beautiful

  28. Adorable little dude!

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