I Wonder

I wonder what he was thinking as I took this.

~ by oneshotbeyond on May 14, 2009.

17 Responses to “I Wonder”

  1. This is incredible Heather. Lovely subject, lovely interest in the image – very interesting, and the processing is brilliant too. I really like this image.

  2. Your captured this shot with a lot of emotion. Your processing is very unique. Beautifully done.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is a SUPERB shot! I love the expression on his face and how he is peeking out from behind the big balloon. And the grainy treatment is awesome. Love this!

  4. A+ Heather! Wow, this is great candid. Where was it taken? I love it and the processing.

  5. What a sweet face – I love this photo.

  6. Hey Heather,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Even though I have not been posting, I check out your photos on a regular basis and I have to tell you that you take some incredible images. The photos of Jen and that whole photo shoot with Brittany could not be more professional. I also see that you are still up to teasing us with your cooking. Your husband and kids should really appreciate you for all your talents. I’ll be posting again each day and I always look forward to your visit,

    Best regards,

  7. Wow! His eyes are beautiful!

  8. Caught the facial expression at the perfect moment.

  9. The grainy effect gives this a timeless appeal, OSB.

  10. i can’t tell you what he was thinking, possibly “can she still see me behind this balloon?” i can tell you what i’m thinkin, awesome shot!

  11. incredible composition. *wonder* indeed.

  12. I too, wonder. It’s an exquisite portrait and your processing is marvelous.

  13. Heather,

    A first class portrait. It’s not easy to catch an expression like that. Fantastic shot and the grainy prossesing is the cherry on the whipped cream.

  14. Powerful and impressive this portrait of yours is.

  15. This is a EXCELLENT showcase of your talent.

  16. Bravo!

  17. […] Sweet Sixteen Party When I posted this photograph a while back I had a few people wondering where it was taken. It was taken at Sanjana’s […]

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