Sanjana’s Sweet Sixteen Party

When I posted this photograph a while back I had a few people wondering where it was taken. It was taken at Sanjana’s sixteenth birthday party. The little boy was another guest at the party and he was such a cutie with that balloon-I had to take a quick shot of him with it. Sanjana is my daughter’s great friend from way way back. Sanjana’s little brother is Shree and he is my son’s good friend from way way back. The Narkar family is the most special family. They are kind, generous, caring and talented. It just happens to be that my kids are the same ages as Sanjana &  Shree. It’s awesome watching children grow up together throughout the years.

You may recognize Sanjana’s dad, Sunil Narkar from his many television & commercial appearances the last few years (some included below for your enjoyment and proof of the Narkar family talent). I have watched this family grow in both on the personal & professional level throughout the years and know that my family is blessed to have them as friends. I hope to see Sanjana, Shree, Brittany & Colton graduate from college and stay friends throughout their adult lives. I really believe long term friendships are one of the most valuable relationships a person can have. When I moved away from my children’s hometown I made sure and stayed connected with as many of their older friends as possible.

These are just a few candids I put together from the party. I love the one where Shree is feeding his sister cake (bottom right)! The dancer on the top left was so great to watch too. You will notice Sanjana & Brittany together in the middle towards the right. The biggest highlight of the night (aside from the great Indian Cuisine) was the speeches given to Sanjana from both her dad and little brother! I couldn’t summarize their sweet words of love if I tried.

I was amazed when I went to one of my favorite funny blogs the other day “Momma Mia, Mea Culpa” and found this post with the Intel commercial Sunil is in.

One of my all time favorites…the Budweiser commercial:

And…I’ll share this one because it has chimps in it:

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~ by oneshotbeyond on June 2, 2009.

11 Responses to “Sanjana’s Sweet Sixteen Party”

  1. SHUT UP!!!

    I am totally IN LOVE with this guy!
    I cant even believe YOU KNOW HIM!
    (can you get me an autograph?)


    (I really do love this cat, but NOT as much as I love Alec Baldwin! Just to clarify and yanno, to sound less creepy!)

  2. That first comercial is so cool! haha

  3. LOL Meleah!

    Colton…I think you acting out the commercial is even funnier than the commercial itself! You should have been an actor with the way you can memorize lines. 🙂

  4. Awesome – thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I LOVE that Budweiser commercial! Thanks for sharing it 🙂
    Very cool.

  6. Hi Heather!! Thanks for the comments! Great pictures! Love that Budweiser commercial too 🙂

  7. A GREAT post, Heather. Love it!!! And, how fun it is watching the commercials knowing YOU are friends with him. And then, to top everything off …. I see that Colton left a comment! Now that’s got to feel great!

  8. What great shots of your friend’s special day. They look like such a happy family.

    I don’t watch TV much, so seeing fun commercials like this is a treat. Sunil is really good!

  9. What a special day with dear friends. Great photos.

  10. Gorgeous colors and an even more gorgeous family! I love how you put the photo montage together….beautiful! Thanks for sharing the hilarious commercials!

  11. OMG that explains why I thought I recognized him when Mel posted his Intel ad. I couldn’t pick where I had seen him before but it must have been in your photos.

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