Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido, CA

Stone Brewing Co. has something for everybody.

There is beer for the brave.

There is wine for the sophisticated.

There is a garden for the strolling types .

There are free tours for those who must know the behind the scenes information.

There is great food for all. Take a look at how cool this venue is.

They are well known for their “ARROGANT BASTARD ALE”.

The simplicity & cleanliness of the brewery is so appealing to the eye.

Tasting time was chaotic but fun…you can do a little shopping while you taste.

Love the tilt on their growler sign…nobody seemed interested in fixing it (must be the arrogance coming out)! ;-)

The detail on this statue was hard to capture in camera.

Like I said…lots of clean lines, rows and simple style to make you sigh at the sight of it all.

Classic barrel you want to just push down a big hill and watch roll!

More and more from behind the scenes.

The detail on their packaging had me in awe.

All this…AND they support our troops??! Yes, they do.

See? Gotta love them for that! (Click on the photo twice to read the words)

It’s a little tricky to find without this map so print one up if you decide to visit. The Stone brewery actually has lots of stone work built into their architecture. There’s so much detail to be seen and appreciated a the Stone Brewing Co. whether you are a beer lover or not.


~ by oneshotbeyond on June 3, 2009.

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