Caption This Photo

This look on Dazie’s face is exactly how I feel.

What would your caption be for this photo?

I need a good laugh so please be creative.


~ by oneshotbeyond on July 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “Caption This Photo”

  1. Unless that camera’s edible…

  2. Ooops I let that squeak by, hope it doesn’t smell!

  3. big dogs get all the love…

  4. I’m so tired, can’t wait for weekend to start!

  5. So I’m having a bad ear day…Wanna fight about it?

    Where have you been Heather?

  6. What? You lookin’ at me?

  7. Can’t think of a caption but I wanted to say she is the CUTEST!! Look at those lil eyes!

  8. I’m captionless too but a stunning little dog.

  9. i am terrible at captions, but that dog is CRAZY cute

  10. I theenk I have to go to the bathroom…..

  11. I theenk I have to use the potty……

  12. Oh my – I could get totally lost in your blog. Love your photography! It inspires me to get my camera out for more things than just food and kids!

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