Jan & Angelika + Three

Here’s round one of my cousin Jan & Angelika’s engagement photos. I LOVE that they asked to bring along their “babies” to the session. Anybody who knows these two know that Bear, Sierra & Zeus are truly part of their family!

Aren’t their dogs the most well behaved little creatures?

More from this session coming soon! 🙂

~ by oneshotbeyond on August 2, 2009.

12 Responses to “Jan & Angelika + Three”

  1. they look beautiful! great job

  2. I bet they ADORED this session, Heather. Even the dogs! Having just been to my niece’s wedding on the farm this past Saturday, and following the professional female photographer around, I have new appreciation for all you go through to get these shots. BRAVO!

  3. awww great fun shots with the family of doggies 🙂 i love them!!! about the texture on my picture, there’s a link to where i get my textures on my ‘about’ page, as a matter of fact i think the one you asked about is one of the free grunge textures, so yer in luck! 🙂

  4. sorry, clicking on my name in the last comment led you to the wrong page, try this one instead to find the texture 🙂

  5. One big, happy, beautiful family! I love the photos, especially the 6th one with the dog on it’s back…it’s such a happy pic!

  6. Real nice shots!

    All 5 look great!

  7. oh happy puppies! it makes me want to run out and get one right now!

  8. yay for shoots with doggies!! i love em! the doggie on the left looks like my doggie!

  9. Like the processing on the 5th one down, Heather…

  10. Oh how I love anything to do with doggies and photography of course! These are great and I can’t believe how good 3 dogs were! You did great!

  11. […] & Angelika-Engaged! I have met a lot of great couples. Perfect matches…and Jan & Angelika have to be the greatest perfect match of them all. They work together. They play together. They […]

  12. Heather – I love your site. Gorgeous photos! Great recipes. Hope all is well with you. Smiles – Danielle Barrom

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