Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Summer Salad

I’ll be totally honest with you…sweet salads haven’t always been my favorite. I mean…while I am not a picky person I tend to like traditional sweets and straightforward savory meals. This means I like my sweets to be the dessert part of the meal for the most part. It’s way out there for me to have came up with a side dish that is completely sweet and yet definitely not a dessert.  I made this for a bbq I attended over the weekend and everybody who tried it loved it-including me! It was refreshing and a perfect compliment to some of the heavier items we enjoyed.

Sweet Summer Salad


Chopped Lettuce (2 or 3 types if you feel up to it and really chop it up; my pet peeve is HUGE pieces of lettuce that aren’t properly chopped or torn apart-ewwwww)

White Peaches (peeled & sliced thin-look at the picture if you want to know how thin)

Kiwi’s (peeled & sliced)

Avocado (peeled & sliced)

Red Onion (peeled & sliced super, super thin-just a tiny bit of this for some bite)

Fresh Chopped Mint to taste

Your favorite dressing (I used a pre-made pear vinaigrette)

My Method:

Toss mint with lettuce.

Layer all the ingredients in the order listed and then gently toss with dressing before serving or serve the dressing along side the salad for individual drizzling.

I hope you enjoy this…it’s a really special side dish! It’s really easy to prepare and can be made up for any size gathering. Isn’t it pretty?

~ by oneshotbeyond on August 3, 2009.

12 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Summer Salad”

  1. What a wonderful delight! And so pretty too! Great food shot. I often place green grapes in a green salad (either plain or lots of veggies and green onion). Every time I have done this and taken to a pot-luck, everyone has raved about the salad. I always serve the dressing on the side.

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful. So summerey!

  3. Ah, man, that REALLY looks good.

    White peaches are an automatic sell for me. Can’t get enough of them. They look great with the kiwi and avocado.

  4. What a lovely salad that’s full of great textures and flavors.

  5. I love all the soft colors and textures you’ve captured in this photo. Looks like an interesting combo of flavors. (Love your platter)

  6. This is beautiful == what’s better than beautiful food that tastes good?

    Totally going to try this.

  7. I love the colors of this salad. It looks very delicious and perfect for summer.

  8. looks awesome! it’s a beautiful blend of colors and textures!

  9. I’m with you, I’m not noramlly a ‘sweet salad’ person but this looks perfect for summer!

  10. I can imagine this would be a nice compliment to the heavier (and typical) foods at a Bar-B-Q. Looks fresh and delicious.

  11. What I can say is very nice and helpful as well as informative post…really help me very much more!!


  12. Yummo! I have never seen a salad like that one but I like what I see! When I was a kid I loved Kiwi fruit jam ( or jelly as you all say) I must try this!

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