Going to the Playoffs

The Murrieta Hawkeyes were undefeated this season which means they made it to the playoffs!

Here are few of my favorite shots of my son during the regular season games.

He never goes down without giving it an extra long reach…

I really have no idea where he gets his speed from, but he makes all the running look really easy.

Taking opponents down is probably his favorite part of the game.

He’s honestly quite good at it.

I like watching him run the ball best. He gets such a serious face!

See what I mean? All business!

And when all else fails…he simply glides through the air to get the tackle he’s after even if it means taking out his own teammate.

The thing I love the most about my son is he always puts his whole heart into the game. It’s hard watching him play tackle football, but seeing him do what he loves is the best thing in the world!

More to come after the playoffs…


~ by oneshotbeyond on October 14, 2009.

13 Responses to “Going to the Playoffs”

  1. I like #2, in punt formation looking at his mom:). Real good shots all the same and he looks real serious at it!!!

  2. One day I hope to have pictures this good of g’son Nicholas, age 9. He’s playing flag football now but he “gets” it, just like your son. These are fabulous images, Heather, which I’m sure he loves. But I’m with you on the hard part of watching them get involved in this sport that is so dangerous. Sigh. I guess this is when we just have to trust and let them do what they love.

  3. What an awesome selection of shots! I like reading your descriptions too, since I know nothing about football. Good luck in the playoffs!

  4. WoW! Great action shots….as always, well done!

  5. Great action shots. Love them.

  6. You’re son? = IS AWESOME and very handsome!

  7. love your sports shots! they’re always so nice & sharp.
    Congrats to the Hawkeyes!

  8. Awesome action shots!

  9. congrats to your son on making the playoffs!!!!

  10. Love all the action shots — love football – but that first shot is the bomb!

  11. He’s getting big! Nice!

  12. These are so fine! I love the top b/w the most. While it must be thrilling to watch him I’m sure the worry is always there. Does he golf? šŸ™‚

  13. I absolutely LOVE all of these pictures. I am so very PROUD of Colton. He plays with all of his heart and these pictures depict that sooo well!! I have to smile every time I look at them. XOXOXO (And of course he is V E R Y talented at this sport!)

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