Coming Soon: Stef’s Maternity Session

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

~Robert Browning



~ by oneshotbeyond on November 28, 2009.

10 Responses to “Coming Soon: Stef’s Maternity Session”

  1. Fabulous, Heather! Everything about it is perfect….

  2. Really nicely done. Great pose, loose hair and particularly the hues. Perfect, Heather.

  3. So pretty Heather! You’re amazing!

  4. Now that’s a delight, Heather. Seriously.

  5. Which comes first the shoot or the baby?


  6. Great image…I love the color tone too!! 🙂

  7. Oh this cam out so lovely! Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

  8. Oooh! I love it! Great lighting in her hair. I cannot wait to see more!

  9. […] […]

  10. Thumbs up!

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