Logan is Here! Inland Empire Newborn Photographer

He’s the sweetest little thing. Really. The sweetest baby.

You remember when Angelika was waiting for him to arrive right?

Well…he finally did arrive and more than a week past due, but perfect as can be!

(click to enlarge)

Aren’t his toes precious? I love how his feet crinkle at the bottom.

(click to enlarge)

I’ve seen proud parents before, but never as proud as these two.

(click to enlarge)

Logan is a beautiful sleeper. He started sleeping 4 hours a night the very 1st week.

This is my grandma’s suitcase…the one she still uses while traveling. Makes this photo even more special to me.

(click to enlarge)

His eyes are amazing to stare into.

Momma loves him. Was there any doubt?!

Already the most favorite photo by a lot of our family.

(click to enlarge)

I gave Logan this handmade beanie I made while he was in the hospital still. He looks so adorable in it!

A gorgeous family of three!

The biggest yawn. So precious.

Logan’s Custom Baby Announcement

Congratulations Jan & Angelika…You’re Already Magnificent at Everything Involving Logan!

Thank you for letting me come & take too many photographs over the past 3 weeks. 🙂

Please come back to see periodic updates on baby Logan.


Inland Empire Newborn Photographer


~ by oneshotbeyond on March 17, 2010.

19 Responses to “Logan is Here! Inland Empire Newborn Photographer”

  1. OMGosh, he is soooooo perfect! What a handsome little guy! Again, your pictures are fabulous, all are a piece of art!

  2. GORGEOUS! I love the little foot shot! To to cute!

  3. Tammy…you are so sweet. Thank you!

    Nekane…all the little parts are always my favorites! 🙂

  4. He is just a little sweetie! And all the family shots are lovely too. That baby scale is the PERFECT prop, by the way…

  5. My friend let me borrow that scale! I had no idea she even had it and I just happened to be at her house before the shoot. I loved it too!

  6. awesome pictures 🙂 loved the pic that you said was a fav with his eyes open 🙂

  7. that yawning one is ADORABLE!!!!


  8. Absolutely priceless, Heather. You have done everyone proud, as has he. And what a BIG baby he was, at essentially 9 pounds!

  9. Thanks Tracy and Shannon!

    Ginnie…we couldn’t believe how big he was either considering his momma is as tiny as can be, but we are assuming it is due to him being so overdue. 😉

  10. Sweet pics! Came over from Mommamiameaculpa.

  11. I keep looking at the photos as I scroll down and thinking oh this is my favorite. Then I scroll down some mroe and say this is my favorite. No, this is my favorite. Yeah! They are all amazing shots. You are amazing at capturing a look. Beautiful!

  12. Thanks for passing by “One of the guys”

    Lori~ That’s the sweetest compliment thank you! I do give it my all! 🙂

  13. Fabulous, wonderful photo. Thanks for the ideas as I am going to have a new grandbaby soon. The scale is the perfect baby prop.

  14. Congrats Clara! Do you know if it’s a he or she yet?

  15. These are so beautiful! I especially like that incredible ear! Again you have captured eyes so well. Congrats to everyone!

  16. Thanks Ellen!

  17. what a BEAUTIFUL baby!

  18. There are so many awesome shots here I can barely choose a favourite. But the last one in the giraffe outfit is pretty damn cute and might just win for me 🙂
    – Brianna Phelan

  19. As Lori said, “I keep looking at the photos as I scroll down and thinking oh this is my favorite. Then I scroll down some more and say this is my favorite. No, this is my favorite.”

    WONDERFUL! Looks like Blurb Book material to me!

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