Alice’s Headshots

I had the most fun with this little sweetheart! Her mom contacted me for some simple headshots and this is what we ended up getting.Yes…we know we’re lucky girls! 😉

In case you all haven’t noticed…I don’t do simple very often. We mixed it up a little by going to the park for a few minutes. I’m so glad because my most favorite shot was taken at the park within 3 minutes of getting there.

Here’s that shot…

Alice is full of smiles & it is so contagious for those around her!

My next favorite shot.

Alice was even sweet enough to model one of the new headbands I recently crocheted.

See what I mean? A SWEETHEART.

Her red hair is going to have a lot of girls jealous…but that’s okay because Alice’s mom has red hair too & she will know how to help her handle it! 😉

Already a great model…coming up with the most natural & amazing expressions!

Laughter…gotta love the kind of laughter that makes everyone in the room laugh with you!

When little models like Alice work this hard they deserve a little break! This is how Alice enjoyed hers…

Last shot…I happen to just adore. Look at that pensive look on her face!

I hope Alice will come work with me again on more shots in the future. I just know she will be needing regular portfolio updates as she gets older. She is too cute!!! 🙂

~ by oneshotbeyond on May 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Alice’s Headshots”

  1. She definitely is a charmer…that red hair and contagious smile just draws you in! Wonderful portraits – you really captured personality in these!

  2. Oh wow! She is gorgeous!!!! Great shots and I LOVE her hair!!!!

  3. She’s about the cutest thing going! Even though I LOVE her beautiful red hair, my favorites of this set are the first and the fifth – both black and white. Great stuff….

  4. Tammy- Charmer is such a great word for her. I’m glad you could see that in her just from a few pics. 🙂

    Nekane- You should see her mom…so beautiful & a talented model. Alice is on her way too!

    Julie- I always lean towards black n whites too Julie…I wonder why we do that?! 🙂

  5. That first one is definitely beautiful! love the variety – it shows her personality!

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