Cody & Amanda-Engaged! Murrieta Engagement Photographer

They are YOUNG. They are HAPPY. Their DREAM of being together is in full swing.

I met Amanda last October when she was modeling for an event I was shooting at. I have so much fun getting to know the models & clients I get to work with. Watching Amanda fall in love with Cody and make some of the biggest decisions of her life with him has been EXHILARATING.

I’m so HAPPY for these two beautiful, fearless & joyful individuals.

Get ready to drool a little & possibly explode into a little jealous fit if you haven’t found the “love of your life” just yet.

You see what I mean. Are you feeling the love between them?

Lovely and Hot. What a combination.

I dare you to click on this next b&w close up…it’s worth the exercise.

Love is so cool. So cool!

My all time favorite photograph of my sweetie of a friend…Amanda.

Please click on it to enlarge.

Murrieta Engagement Photographer


This REAL “Couple in Love” session is brought to you from the 1st Year Anniversary LA Shoot This event on held on 10/17/10

If you are a photographer who’d like to attend a future event sometime please contact Joelle Leder.

~ by oneshotbeyond on October 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “Cody & Amanda-Engaged! Murrieta Engagement Photographer”

  1. Wow! Really lovely images. Such vibrant colours too. Nice work.

  2. Best wishes to this gorgeous couple! Your portraits are incredible, Heather.

  3. What a gorgeous couple…these images look like they should be part of an ad for diamonds….just beautiful!

  4. Stunning! I love, love, love the third photo… it shows how much they love each other. Beautiful photos!

  5. I can dewfinitely see what you mean, Heather. They’re lucky to have you. πŸ™‚

  6. WOW! I really admire your work! It is beautiful!

  7. Cody you’ve come a long way!!! Congrats! She’s gorgeous buddy! Beautiful pictures!

  8. Beautiful series. The third one — so sensual!

    I wish my niece was fortunate enough to have you photograph her engagement photos. 😦

  9. Sue…that would have been awesome for me too!

  10. beautiful images of a beautiful couple!!!

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